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The Wellness Resource Centers are designed to provide central, dedicated locations where employees can attend wellness events and classes, pickup education information on wellness, fitness, financial, emotional and disease management, participate in screenings, and watch wellness-themed videos. 

Wellness Resource Centers can be found in the following locations:

  • Aviation
  • Edgar P. Mills Center
  • Governmental Center – Third Floor
  • Government Center West – Room 3300B
  • Port Everglades
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Transportation – Copans Facility
  • Transportation - Ravenswood Facility
  • Water & Wastewater Services – Administration Building


Employees at Government Center West and at Transportation Copans Facility can walk and work on our new Walk Stations through a pilot program with Humana. The walking work station is a fully integrated electric height-adjustable work surface with a low speed commercial grade treadmill that allows you to walk, burn calories, and feel healthier all while reading email, working on a document or researching health and wellness information. For more information, contact Humana representatives Jorge Benitez 954-357-7191 or Marc Dormeus 954-357-7192.

Walking Work Stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Government Center West – Wellness Resource Center, 3rd Floor Landing, North Side
  • Transportation Copans Facility



Employees at several  county locations have the ability to take their blood pressure, measure their body fat, body mass index, oxygen level, and see how much they weigh – all in one place – at a LifeClinic Health Station.  The health stations can help employees achieve or maintain overall health goals through easy and regular monitoring.

The LifeClinic Health Stations are designed to allow employees to set up their account on to track and chart their test results for review or to print a report/graph to share with their physician.  For employees in a hurry, simply sit down and take the test you want without logging in; however results will not be saved or tracked.   Not only will the health station track saved results, employees who measure their blood sugar on a regular basis can download, track and chart their glucometer readings from Accucheck and One Touch monitors. As an additional enhancement, walkers can download and track/chart their steps from certain pedometers. 

LifeClinic Health Stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Governmental Center – 3rd Floor
  • Government Center West –  3rd Floor landing, North side
  • Aviation – Administration
  • Transportation – Copans and Ravenswood Facilities
  • Water & Wastewater Services – Administration Building
  • Port Everglades – Administration Building