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Manatee Mortality in Broward County
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The Florida manatee is listed as “endangered” by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The FWC lists eight categories of manatee death: watercraft, flood gate/canal lock, other human related, perinatal, cold stress, other natural, undetermined and verified/not recovered. For more information on these categories, visit the FWC Manatee Web Site.

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    2013 - 16 mortalities
    Two were watercraft-related, one was flood gate/canal lock, one was perinatal, one was cold stress, and eleven were undetermined.  
    2012 - 15 mortalities
    Three were watercraft-related, one was flood gate/canal lock, three were perinatal, one was cold stress, one was natural, and six were undetermined.  
    2011 - 12 mortalities
    Twelve manatee carcasses have been recovered from Broward's waterways. Two were watercraft-related, six were undetermined, and three were perinatal (length < 150 cm) and one was human-related:other.  
    2010 - 27 mortalities
    Twenty-seven manatee carcasses have been recovered from Broward's waterways. Four were watercraft-related, eight have been classified as cold stress, ten were undetermined, four were perinatal (length < 150 cm), and the last is natural:other.
    2009 - 15 mortalities
    FWC personnel recovered 15 carcasses from January 1 through December 31, 2009. Three were watercraft-related, two of which were recovered on the South Fork New River and the third on the New River. Six manatees died of natural causes, three of which were cold stress. Five of the manatees were too decomposed to determine the cause of death, and the remaining mortality was classified Human:Other due to plastic bags, rope, and wire found in its stomach.
    2008 - 10 mortalities
    There were ten reported manatee deaths in Broward County during 2008. Three deaths were watercraft-related, three were perinatal, three were undetermined, and one was cold stress.
    2007 - 4 mortalities
    There were four reported manatee deaths: two undetermined, one other human related, and one watercraft-related.
    2006 - 15 mortalities
    There were 15 reported manatee deaths, six of which were watercraft-related.
    2005 - 9 mortalities
    Nine manatee deaths were reported, two of which were watercraft-related.
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