How Does the Trauma System Work

When Injured:

Dial "9-1-1". This is the fastest way to get help. Within seconds of your call, a trained operator relays the information so police, fire rescue and/or paramedics can respond.

Paramedic Response:

Trained paramedics will arrive, evaluate and treat injuries, notify the nearest trauma center and arrange transportation.

Because the clock is ticking and every situation is different, the paramedics choose either ambulance or helicopter to get the patient to the nearest trauma center as quickly as possible.

Paramedics communicate with the trauma center while enroute and are met upon arrival by a trauma team.

Trauma Centers:

Trauma centers differ from conventional hospitals in that trauma-alert patients are met at the door by a highly trained team led by Board Certified surgeons. These trauma surgeons have completed specialize Advanced Trauma Life Support Training.

The surgeons, their assistants, nurses and technicians rapidly diagnose and stabilize the patient using state-of-the-art equipment. Within a short period of time. the team can rush critically injured patients to a specially equipped operating room which is available just for trauma patients 24 hours a day.‚Äč