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William "Bill" Koach, 01/2014
Bill KoachI have been very fortunate to be part of the HumanaVitality wellness program. I have won the Maintain, Don't Gain Holiday challenge, The Biggest Winner challenge, and have earned the bragging rights! I could not have done it without Wellness Coordinator Lisa Wright and Nutritionist Michelle Stewart. They provide great inspiration and guidance; I remember them telling me to focus on eating properly, exercising, and being mindful of what I eat. Minutes later, I walked by a big bowl of tootsie rolls and I kid you not! The tootsie rolls were calling me over! I heard Lisa and Michelle's instructions in my head.

I could not believe it when I won! I really wanted to win that bike so badly. Lisa advised me to concentrate on eating clean and walking more each day. For a week and a half, I had boneless, skinless chicken breasts with a healthy salad. The pounds just fell off! I thought to myself, at that time, that there must be something to this. My hard work is paying off!

I created a nickname for Lisa and Michelle, the Ladies of Diet Discipline. Rest assured, there is not enough paper in this world to express the accolades these ladies deserve. They greet you with big beautiful smiles and have a caring and loving attitude. I owe a lot to them. They genuinely care for each and every participant; they listen carefully to each and everyone of us and provide guidance to help us achieve our goals. Thank you Lisa and Michelle! You both are truly a great inspiration.