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Our customized wellness programs are created to meet the unique needs of County employees. With our on-site wellness captains, we champion an effort in creating a healthy workplace environment. Some of our most exciting events are:

  • Sit to be Fit class: A 20-minute chair exercise class targeting the core muscles of your body while decreasing your hip to waist ratio (a very heart healthy exercise!)
  • The Biggest Winner Challenge: A perpetual quarterly program where participants compete to achieve the greatest amount of weight loss. Monthly weigh-ins are required. With the support of the wellness team and co-workers, participants are encouraged to achieve gradual healthy weight loss and develop positive lifestyle changes
  • One-on-one with the Food Guru: Have a half-hour session or more with our Food Guru, Michelle Stewart, who will be able to customize a realistic nutrition plan for you 
  • Walking Teams: Get your heart pumping and your legs moving with the support of your co-workers in these weekly (if not more, it is up to you!) half-hour walks


 Our Wellness Staff