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An Unfavorable Tide: Global Warming, Coastal Habitats and Sportfishing in Florida (PDF): June 2006. A 56 page report written by P. Glick and J. Clough for the by the National Wildlife Foundation and the Florida Wildlife Foundation describing impacts on coastal habitats and sport fishery in Florida.          

The Effects of Climate Change on Florida's Ocean and Coastal Resources (PDF): January 2009. A special 34 page report from the Florida Oceans and Coastal Council to the Florida Energy and Climate Commission and the people of Florida that discusses drivers of climate change in oceans, discusses possible versus probable impacts on ocean and coastal resources.

Ocean carbon central to climate challenge: November, 2009. The IUCN report, supported by Natural England, The Lighthouse Foundation and UNEP, and compiled by leading scientists in this field, provides the latest evidence of the ocean's ability to store carbon and the role each of these marine ecosystems play in reducing the negative effects of climate change. Policy guidelines are offered how to include management of marine carbon sinks in international and national reduction strategies.

Baselines and Degradation of Coral Reefs in the Northern Line Islands: February 2008. This scientific article by Smith J.E., E.E. DeMartini, E.A. Dinsdale, S.D. Donner et al concludes that protection from overfishing, pollution and other stresses appears to increase the resilience of reef ecosystems to the effects of global warming.

The coral reef crisis: The critical importance of <350 ppm CO2: 2009.  Vernon et al discuss the importance of the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide on the future of coral reefs in the Marine Pollution Bulletin article.
Reduced calcification in modern Southern Ocean planktonic foraminifera: March 2009. Scientific article.

Interannual variability of pteropod shell weights in the high-CO2 Southern Ocean (PDF): October 2008. Scientific article.

Ocean acidification impairs olfactory discrimination and homing ability of a marine fish:   February 2009. Scientific article.

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