Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Broward County Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 2011-2014 (PDF) - This report is an update to the previous report for 2007, 2009, and 2010. Several enhancements were made to the updated inventory including the calculation of emissions from air travel, wastewater, agriculture, and upstream impacts related to energy production, transport, and distribution. It also introduces the concept of life-cycle consumption based emissions. In addition, the updated inventory forecasts future emissions and presents several reduction strategies and scenarios.

Broward County Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2007, 2009 and 2010 (PDF) - July 2012. This 21 page report developed by the Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division updates the emissions inventory for Broward County community wide activities for baseline year 2007 and analyzes emissions for 2009 and 2010.

Broward County Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (PDF) - June 2009. This 74 page report developed by the Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division includes an emissions inventory for Broward County community wide activities for baseline year 2007.

National Greenhouse Gas Inventories - This section of the EPA Climate Change Site provides information and data on emissions of greenhouse gases to Earth's atmosphere, and also the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2006 - This 394 page report from the U.S. EPA provides a broad overview of all U.S. greenhouse gas emission sources and sinks, introduces key concepts and discusses the primary drivers for changes in emissions.

Final Florida Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reference Case Projections 1990-2025 (PDF) - October 2008. This 120 page report was developed by the Center for Climate Strategies for the State of Florida.

Broward County Government Operations Climate Change Report - May 2008. Government operations climate change report that includes a GHG reduction target, early GHG reduction actions implemented between 1997-2007 and GHG emissions inventories for 1997 and 2007 for Broward County government operations.

Broward County Government Operations 1st Annual Progress Report (PDF) - May 2009 with Appendix (PDF) - This is the first annual progress report developed by the Broward County Climate Change Government Operations Workgroup (Workgroup) and it describes the actions Broward County government implemented during calendar year 2008 and progress towards achieving the reduction goal. The Workgroup continues its work to identify and promote measures that support GHG reduction in government operations.

Broward County Government Operations 2nd Annual Progress Report (PDF) - May 2010 was accepted by the Broward Board of County Commissioners on June 15, 2010, various actions to reduce GHG emissions taken throughout the previous year were highlighted. Broward County government exceeded its annual reduction goal of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2009 with an estimated reduction of 8,130 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (eCO2) from 2008 levels. This exceeds the reduction target of 6,826 tonnes per year established by the Broward County Climate Change Government Operations Workgroup.

Broward County Government Operations 3rd Annual Progress Report (PDF) - May 2011. Highlights actions taken during Fiscal Year 2010 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The estimated GHG emissions reduction totals 15,172 tonnes which resulted in an estimated annual cost saving of $1,091,286. Broward County government agencies will continue to work toward the Board’s adopted goal of reducing government operations GHG emissions to 7% below the 1997 baseline by 2015.

Broward County Government Operations Fourth Annual Progress Report (PDF) and Appendix (PDF) - May 2012. This report demonstrates Broward County government operations continued reduction of emissions. The FY2011 carbon footprint is reported as 250,255 tonnes eCO2, a net reduction of 5,781 tonnes GHG emissions from FY2010 levels.


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