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Creation of a Climate Change Task Force

wave moving on shore with a footprint in the sand 

On June 24, 2008, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution 2008-442 (PDF) creating a  Climate Change Task Force to develop recommendations for a coordinated countywide strategy in mitigating the causes, and addressing the local implications, of global climate change.

The  Task Force members have been appointed by the Board and they will be supported by County staff. The duties and responsibilities of the Task Force have been determined.  Subcommittees have been identified and their mission statements drafted. A  meeting schedule has been posted.

Reducing GHG emissions is an important component to Broward County's overall commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment. Broward County is already committed to reducing GHG emissions from County operations to 7 percent below 1997 levels by the year 2015. This Task Force will assist residents, businesses and organizations to set similar goals and strategies as the County faces the challenges of climate change.

The mission of the Climate Change Task Force is to develop a countywide Climate Change Program to mitigate the causes and adapt to the consequences of climate change and, if appropriate, advise on its implementation.

The Task Force's duties and responsibilities are outlined in  Resolution 2008-442 (PDF). They include:

  • development and implementation of projects that conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions within government operations;
  • development of incentives for residences, businesses and organizations to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • development and implementation of adaptation strategies to alleviate the likely adverse consequences of climate change including rising sea levels, hurricanes and other violent weather events;
  • provision of education and outreach to encourage Broward County residences, businesses and organizations to participate in the program;
  • pursuit of federal and state grants, energy costs savings and other financial resources to offset program costs; and
  • coordination with the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, the School Board, municipalities, other governmental agencies, business, private and public organizations, and the state of Florida in the adoption of programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective and efficient manner that preserves the County's competitiveness in the national and worldwide economy.


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