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Parks for People Grant Program

The fifth and final application cycle for the Parks for People grant program opened Monday September 17 at 8 am, and closed Friday October 26, 2012 at 5 pm. At this time awarded grant projects are being completed by the applicants, reviewed via site visits and close out documentation and being reimbursed the amounts documentated up to the grant award sum.  

The Land Stewardship Program, a five-year capital improvement program supplements the development of Bond acquired Green Space and Open Space sites for utilization of "green" standards.

Green standards are features such as recycled materials for playgrounds, boardwalks and shelters, low flow water fixtures and irrigation methods, pervious parking and pathways, and solar applications for lighting, and/or hot water systems.

photos of approved funding items, solar panels, recycled materials, native plantings, water conservation irrigation

The Parks for People Grant Program provides $1 million each year for the five year duration of the program, with a maximum reimbursable grant of $75,000 per funded project. Information for qualified applicants, and methods of submitting an application can be found here (grant application in word). There is also a page of helpful tips on submitting a grant application here (tips for submitting a grant application).

Parks for People Grant - Project Updates

During the past six years this grant program has reimbursed fifty completed projects, totaling over 2.5 million dollars to the eligible municipalities in Broward County. Many new neighborhood park sites have been opened and existing park and open space sites improved with green amenities and native landscaping. We continue to move existing projects forward and look to the successful completion of another thirty park and/or open space sites.

Contact Us

Submit any questions by email to: or, call 954-519-1297.

Information provided on this Web site as additional information is for the purpose of assisting prospective applicants with search sites. The Land Stewardship Program does not endorse any site or information outside the Broward County Web site.