Tips For Completing a Grant Application


Applicant Information

This section must be completed in full and signed by an authorized municipal official.

Minimum Criteria

Applicant must fulfill all minimum criteria to be considered for a grant award.

  • The grant applicant project site must have been acquired through the 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Program.
  • The Final Management Plan for the site must have been approved by the Land Preservation and Acquisition Advisory Board, or the Broward County Commission.
  • Matching funds are required, however funds for development of the project site in the municipality's current 5-Year Capital Improvement Program, pursuant to the approved resolution that was recorded along with the interlocal agreement, qualifies as a match.
  • The site must not have already been developed consistent with the approved management plan, or if so new appropriate amenities are proposed.
  • Funding for site development must not have already been provided by the Land Preservation Program, directly or through another funding source. If additional funding has been received, this site will not be considered a first priority.

Green Components Criteria

Applicants are required to present a narrative with a qualitative analysis in support of the material and or technology utilized in the project site. The number of criteria selected does not make a grant application more or less competitive. However in choosing criteria, it is to the applicant's advantage to present a reliable qualitative analysis supporting the choice.

Themes on the application are organized in general order of priority; however the examples below are suggestions for applicants about some types of components that the program seeks to promote.

              Native trees planted on project site

Water Savings

  • Water conservation measures in irrigation reduction of at least 50% of previous water usage
  • Low-flow or reduced flow plumbing
  • Flush-less urinals
  • Low-flow toilets, faucets, and/or fountains
  • Automatic or timed control devices including soil moisture sensors utilized in irrigation systems 

Materials Selection

  • Recycled "green" products for picnic tables, benches, trash bins, playgrounds, restroom partitions
  • Forest certified products where wood is being utilized
  • Native grade 1 tree and plant materials

Site Development

  • Pervious concrete and/or spaced pavers, design to achieve no more than 10% effective impervious surface areas
  • Improved wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies, etc.
  • Increased native plants that will require little supplemental watering

Energy Efficiency

  • Use of energy efficient fixtures and lighting systems,
  • Passive and/or active solar concepts

    Solar roof installation  Roof runoff collection system for rainwater

Funding Summary

Grant award is of the reimbursement type. Please list and explain the amounts proposed for the various expenditures in the funding. Attach a summary of the Capital Improvement Plan for the proposed application if you have CIP funding. The review panel will deliberate on the consistency of costs presented and the back-up information to support those costs.

Agreement and Submission

Applicant must consider the agreement terms (2 year timeline for completion of the reimbursable elements) before applying for funding.

Include all necessary exhibits or attachments clearly showing the project elements and any required within the application or the interlocal agreement.

Send the application, required exhibits and attachments, and a minimum of three and a maximum of 10 digital photographs (size 4” x 6” inches at 150 dpi) to:

Grant Coordinator
Land Stewardship Program
Environmental Protection & Growth Management Dapartment

115 S. Andrews Avenue Room 329H
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301