Create a NatureScape


Between Sawgrass and Seagrass

Welcome to NatureScape Broward, a vision for the community that starts in your own backyard. NatureScape is about creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat. The NatureScape vision includes all Broward County residents and all types of properties - from homes to businesses to public facilities to schools.

NatureScape encourages the use of native plants because they are uniquely adapted to grow in South Florida. Other benefits of using native plants include:

  • less watering once established, 
  • naturally pest resistant,
  • food source for resident and migrating wildlife.

Did you know that landscape irrigation accounts for up to 50% of water consumption in Broward County? Or that landscape runoff is a major source of water pollution?  Our plant choices and the way we maintain our yard can greatly impact our future water supplies.