Step 1 Get to Know Your Yard

Site Analysis & Planning

Creating a Florida-friendly landscape is simple - but first you need to get to know your yard. Step back, look around and take inventory of your landscape. Now is the time to learn about your soil, drainage patterns, the sunny and shady areas on your property and the locations of utilities (overhead and underground.)  Knowing these facts will make it easier to determine which plants will work best in your landscape. When you evaluate your site, remember that characteristics may differ depending on the location, time of day and season.

   *Images from WaterWise South Florida Landscapes
    Typical use areas                     Diagram of water use zones          Master Plan

One way to evaluate your yard is to divide the area into sections and take note of the individual characteristics. It's also a good idea to do this at different times during the day - just to see what changes (for example, sunlight patterns.)  Developing a Master Plan will facilitate selecting plant materials and the installation of your Florida-friendly landscape.

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