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County Begins Phased Move-In Process of Courthouse

A view looking down on Southwest Sixth StreetConstruction of the new courthouse is heading into the home stretch with the building nearing Substantial Completion. Finishing touches are happening in the lobby, including the installation of security scanning equipment, upper level courtrooms are still under construction, workstations are being assembled, and work continues on the interior and exterior of the connector bridge. While construction is moving forward, so is a preliminary move schedule forA phased move-in process is underway at Broward County’s new courthouse. The initial process will begin with the moving of furniture in November 2016. Next in line to move in are security and facilities management staff which will be followed by relocation of court functions. The concluding phase will move employee groups according to agency and floor. It is anticipated that all staff will be in the new courthouse and operational by March 2017.


Feature: Inside the New Courthouse

Mosaic Wall Mural Showcases Courthouse History

Among the many beautiful pieces of artwork in the new county courthouse is a mosaic tile wall mural of the second Broward County courthouse. The piece contains thousands of tiles and was designed by a team of artists in Italy based on an original photograph of the courthouse and its majestic bell tower. When artists completed the design, the tiles along with assembly instructions were sent to the U.S. for assembly. The artwork can be viewed by the public on the first floor of the new county courthouse. More...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​