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Water Advisory Board Meetings
Water Resources Task Force Meetings
Water Resources Task Force Meeting Archive
Water Advisory Board Meetings

     WAB -  Water Advisory Board
     WRTF - Water Resources Task Force
     TAC -   Technical Advisory Committee to the Water Advisory Board
     SWCC - Surface Water Coordinating Committee

WAB/TAC Meetings (2013/2014/2015)






6/13/2016 WAB/WRTF/TAC Agenda and Presentations
4/15/2016 TAC Agenda and Presentations
3/11/2016 WRTF / WAB Agenda and Presentations Minutes
2/19/2016 TAC Agenda and Presentations


1/08/2016 WRTF/WAB

Agenda and Presentations



12/18/2015 TAC Agenda and Presentations



11/13/2015 WRTF/WAB

Agenda and Presentations


10/16/2015 TAC Agenda and Presentations Minutes
8/21/2015 WRTF/WAB Agenda and Presentations Minutes



Agenda and Presentations

6/19/2015 TAC Agenda (pdf, 380kb)

Minutes(227 kb)

New Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretations of the Floridan Aquifer System(pdf, 822 kb)

SFWMD Floridan Aquifer Update (pdf, 2.3mb)

Hydrologic Conditions Update (pdf, 1.4 mb)

Reuse Master Plan Update (pdf, 1.6 mb)


05/21/2015 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 312 kb) Minutes (coming soon)

Southeast Florida Coastal Ocean Task Force Recommendations (pdf, 454 kb)

Broward Numerical Modeling Update:  Saltwater Intrusion, Inundation, and 3D Visualizations (pdf, 1.8 mb)

Legislative Update (pdf, 684 kb)

Conservation Pays Program Update (pdf, 1.6 mb)

04/17/2015 TAC Agenda (pdf, 353 kb) Minutes (pdf, 320 kb)

FY16/SFWMD Cooperative Funding Program Update (pdf,  630 kb)

Collaboration with Deltares - Netherlands Flood and Drought Risk Management Project funded by NOAA (pdf,  1.9 mb)

USGS Science in Support of Southeast Florida Water Activities (pdf,  2.8 mb)

ConservationPays 2015 Programming (pdf,  1.5 mb)

03/19/2015 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 422 kb) Minutes (244 kb)

Water management in Lake Okeechobee and Water Conservation Areas supporting estuaries and Everglades restoration (pdf,  1 mb)

Update on Broward County's Total Maximum Daily Loads Program (pdf, 2 mb)

COAST (COastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool) - Metropole Workshop  (pdf,  8 mb)

13th Annual Water Matters Day in Review (pdf, 2 mb)

02/20/2015 TAC Agenda (353 kb) Minutes (pdf, 244 kb)

2015 Water Policy Legislative Session (pdf, 726 kb)
Integrated Modeling and Data Management for Complex Stormwater Management Systems (pdf, 3 mb)
Intro to Public Works Academy at Atlantic Technical College (pdf, 829 kb)

01/15/2015 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 418 kb) Minutes (coming soon)

High Water Operations in WCA-3A (pdf, 2 mb)
Water Supply Plan, and Conservation (pdf, 1 mb)
C-51 Reservoir Permitting Update (unavailable)


Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 418 kb) Minutes (none)

High Water Operations in WCA-3A (unavailable)

Broward County Water Supply Plan, and Conservation (unavailable)

C-51 Reservoir Permitting Update (unavailable)

09/19/2014 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 373 kb) Minutes (pdf, 240 kb)

Implementation and Update of the Broward County-wide Integrated Water Resource Plan (pdf, 1 mb)

Broward's Everglades Holiday park Site Improvements (pdf, 2 mb)

Southeast Florida Resilient Redesign Workshop and Compact Summit (pdf, 1 mb)

05/15/2014 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 382 kb) Minutes (339 kb)

National Climate Assessment  (pdf, 2 mb)

Miami-Dade Surface/Groundwater Modeling with USGS (pdf, 1 mb)

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Regional and Local Status (pdf, 2 mb)

City of Fort Lauderdale's Stormwater Management (pdf, 880 kb)

03/20/2014 Joint WAB/TAC Agenda (pdf, 381 kb) Minutes (381 kb)

2014 IWRP Grant Proposals (pdf, 891 kb)

12th Annual Water Matters Day Event (pdf, 2 mb)

Lower East Coast Floridan Model Status Update (pdf, 687 kb)

2004 Legislative Session Update (pdf, 485 kb)

Highlights from the C-51 Reservoir and Herbert Hoover Dike Tours (pdf, 1 mb)

01/06/2014 Joint WAB/TAC

Agenda (pdf, 383 kb)

Minutes (422 kb)

Lake Okeechobee Flood Control Discharges and Impacts to Water Quality (pdf, 2 mg)

A Close Look at Broward's Coastal Ocean: Chemical Oceanography, Ocean Currents and Microbiology (pdf, 1 mb)

FEMA Map & Regulations that Address Components of Sea Level Rise Impacts (pdf, 2 mb)








Agenda (pdf)

 Minutes (pdf, 428 kb)

Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation Project Update (pdf, 1.6 mb)

Broward County-Wide Regional Reuse Master Plan (coming soon)






Agenda (pdf)

Minutes (pdf)

Central Everglades Planning Project
Status Update
(pdf, 679 kb)

2013 Legislative Session in Review
(pdf, 328 kb)

Broward County's Decade of Demand - Water Conservation
(pdf, 941 kb)

C-51 Reservoir Project Status Update (pdf, 436 kb)

Broward County-Wide Regional Reuse Master Plan Update
(pdf, 992 kb)



Agenda (pdf)

Minutes (pdf)

 FY '13 IWRP Grant Projects (pdf, 600 kb)

11th Annual Water Matters Day in Review (pdf, 3 mb)

EPA Proposed Nutrient Standards for South Florida - Update (pdf, 737 kb)

Broward County-Wide Integrated Water Resource Plan (pdf, 664 kb)

South Florida Water Management/Broward Update (pdf, 452 kb)





TAC Meetings (2014) - GC East - 3rd Friday of the month, 9:30 am Room 430



12/19/2014 Agenda (pdf, 308 kb) Minutes (pdf, 266 kb)

Fecal Coliform Analysis Implementation (coming soon)

Central & Southern Broward Saltwater Intrusion Model (coming soon)

Conservation, Programming, Initiatives and Next Steps (coming soon)



Agenda (pdf, 309 kb) Minutes (pdf, 273 kb)

Overview of FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Change & Coastal Restudy (pdf, 4 mb)

3D Visualization of Sea Level Rise in Urban Environments in Broward County (pdf, 2 mb)

2014 Saltwater Interface Maps Update (presentation not available)

Sixth Annual Southeast Florida Climate Leadership Summit Review (pdf, 787 kb)

08/15/2014 Agenda (pdf, 309 kb) Minutes (pdf, 258 kb)

Update on Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) including Broward Water Preserve Areas and Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP) (pdf, 389 kb)

Update on District's Assessment of Projected Sea Level Rise and Regional Coordination of Saltwater Intrusion Modeling and Monitoring Efforts (pdf, 2 mb)

Broward County Meteorologic and Hydrologic Assessment (pdf, 1 mb)

06/20/2014 Agenda (pdf, 312 kb) Minutes (pdf, 310 kb)

Coastal Inundation Risks for SE Florida - Incorporating Climate Change Impact on Hurricanes and Sea Level Rise (pdf, 3 mb)

Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) and Central Everglades Plenning Project (CEPP) Update including Broward Water Preserve Areas (not available)

City of Hollywood's Floridan Aquifer Recharge Pilot Treatment Technologies (pdf, 2 mb)

10-Year Water Supply Facility Work Plan Update (pdf, 1 mb)

Broward County Meteorologic and Hydrologic Assessment (pdf, 2 mb)

02/21/2014  Agenda (pdf, 340 kb)  Minutes (pdf, 172 kb) 

2014 Legislation -
Water Related Bills 
(pdf, 274 kb)

City of Sunrise Floridan Aquifer Test Program - A Quest for Sustainable Water Quality and Yield (pdf, 2 mb)

Broward County Water Programming Update (pdf, 1 mb)

2014 IWRP Grant Proposals (pdf, 800 kb)

 TAC Meetings (2013)  






(pdf, 89 kb) 

 Minutes (pdf, 199 kb)

Preserving the Loxahatchee River through
through Septic to Sewer Conversions & Wastwater Reclamation
(pdf, 3 mb)

Broward Rainfall & Discharge Analysis (pdf, 4 mb)

2014 IWRP Grant Cycle (pdf, 566 kb)

C-51 Governance and Finance Work Group (pdf, 322 kb)

10 year Water Supply Facility Work Plan update (pdf, 334 kb)



Minutes (pdf, 310 kb) 

Regional Water System Operations and Wet Season Conditions, Water Conditions and Lake Okeechobee Operations Summary (pdf, 2 mb)

Coastal Water Quality Survey Update, the Hollywood / Broward Monitoring Program - Chemical oceanography (pdf, 3 mb)

Coastal Water Quality Survey Update, the Hollywood / Broward Monitoring Program - Hollywood ADCP's (pdf, 3 mb)

Hollywood & Broward Coastal Water Quality Monitoring - Environmental Microbiology and Molecular Microbial Source Tracking (pdf, 2 mb)

Water Management and Environmental Projects from Abroad - Durban, South Africa & Netherlands Highlights (coming soon)


 Agenda (pdf)

 Minutes (pdf)

Town of Davie Water Treatment & Water Reclamation Facility Design-Build (pdf, 2.1 mb)
C-51 Reservoir Project Update (pdf, 1.5 mb)
South Florida Canal Aquatic Life Study (pdf, 849 kb)
Regulatory and Restoration Updates (pdf, 637 kb)


 Agenda (pdf)

 Minutes (pdf)

DEP's Implementation of Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Broward Estuaries (pdf, 1 mb)

CUP/Consistency Update (pdf, 900 kb)

Lower East Coast Water Supply 2013 Plan Update (pdf, 1 mb)

Rising Seas Summit (verbal presentation only)


 Agenda (pdf, 216 kb)

Minutes (pdf)

Central and Southern Broward County Saltwater Intrusion Model Update (pdf, 1 mb)

Broward County Inundation Study Update-Future Climate Scenarios (pdf, 2 mb)

Broward Conservation Pays Program Year-End Update (pdf, 1 mb)

Central Everglades Planning Pilot (CEPP) Status Update (pdf, 881 kb)


Agenda (pdf)


EPA Nutrient Criteria Implications for Broward County (pdf, 1 mb)

Everglades Coalition 28th Annual Conference in Review (pdf, 1 mb)

E-Permitting Launch - Portal (pdf, 453 kb)

Broward NatureScape Irrigation Services End of Year Report (pdf, 670 kb) 


Joint WAB/TAC Meetings (2011-2012)   

Minutes (pdf)  
   9/15/2011  Agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   1/19/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   3/15/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf) 

   5/17/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   9/20/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   11/15/2012  agenda (pdf) CANCELLED

   12/20/2012   agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf coming soon)

   TAC Meetings (2012)

   02/17/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   04/20/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   06/15/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   08/17/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)

   10/19/2012  agenda (pdf)  minutes (pdf)







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