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Florida Energy and Climate Change Action Plan - Phase Two (PDF): October 2008. 50 separate policy recommendations to address climate change in Florida. Chapter seven specifically focuses on Government policy and coordination. Cost benefit analysis of recommended policies are included. 

Florida's Resilient Coasts: A State Policy Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change (PDF): 2008.  A 72-page book providing a foundation for the issues facing Florida related to climate change and offering a framework for solutions.

SFRPC - Climate Change Community Tool Box: South Florida Regional Planning Council product focused on Miami-Dade. It provides sea level rise assumptions and projections for Miami-Dade, fact sheets on impact on Community, Environment and Economy, and an adaptation resources compendium.

Blueprint for Legislative Action (PDF):  January 2009.  The US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) issued a detailed 28 page framework for legislation to address climate change. This is a consensus product of a diverse group of companies and non-governmental organizations.

South Florida East Coast Corridor Study: Website and other resources related to FEC transportation corridor describing the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) merging of several plans related to the FEC railroad corridor for passenger traffic and transit oriented development.

Communicating on Climate Change: An essential resource for journalists, scientists and educators: 2008. The 86 page document was written by Bud Ward, a veteran environmental journalist and journalism educator, offers important tips and tools for covering one of the most complex issues of the day.

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