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State Climate Change, Energy, Building and Transportation Plans
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As of early 2009,thirty-six (36) states have climate change action plans completed or in progress. The Pew Center on Global Climate Change –State Actions– provides links to the following activities by state:

Climate Change

Energy Sector

Building Sector

Transportation Sector

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

Public Benefit Funds


Residential Building Energy Codes

Vehicle GHG Emissions Standards

Carbon Cap or Offset Requirement for Power Plants

Renewable Portfolio Standards

Commercial Building Energy Codes

Mandates and Incentives Promoting Biofuels

Climate Action Plans


Net Metering Programs


Green Building Standards for State Buildings


Climate Change Commissions and Advisory Groups

Green Pricing Programs

Appliance Efficiency Standards


Regional Initiatives


Renewable Energy Credit Tracking Systems



Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Energy Efficiency Resource Standards



GHG Reporting and Registries

State Governments Purchasing Green Power



State Adaptation Plans




EPA State Policy Actions Searchable Database: Through this site you can search the specific recommendations contained in many of the state action plans at.

Online Tool Tracks State Climate and Energy Policies: May 2010. Seventh Generation Advisors has created an online tool to track climate change and energy policy innovations and implementation for the 33 states that have created climate change action plans.

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