Urban Lands Enhancement Program

Supporting Land Enhancement and Reforestation Projects in Urban Broward County

Program Overview

The Land Enhacement Program in an extension to the Land Stewardship Program and allows staff to provide oversight in the implementation of land management plans associated with sites acquired through the 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Program, while applying monitoring data and databases developed under the Land Stewardship Program in the establishment of a broader urban reforestation and lands enhancement strategies.

The Urban Lands Enhancement Program will continue monitoring and ensuring appropriate management of the 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Program acquired sites through the "Keep It Green" Monitoring Program. 

The program strategies:

A. Continuing the Keep It Green monitoring and reporting program;

B. Assisting with wetlands rehydration projects as part of the Broward County-wide Integrated Water Resources Plan;

C. Developing and implementing an Urban Reforestation Plan for Broward County and its municipalities;

D. Developing a Carbon Offset and Donation Program through enhancement of the Plan It Greenprogram; [include dunes enhancement and other urban lands enhancements. May be more than forest]

E. Updating and maintaining the online Urban Reforestation Plan and promote it to participating municipalities;

F. Assisting in the development of a Vital Signs Monitoring Program for the County and for use within the greater Southeast Florida Climate Compact four-county region;

G. Participate in Public Education and Outreach to update the community on developments that would be of interest and/or concern; and

H. Other Strategies for Future Consideration under ULEP.

· Developing a Protected Natural Lands Evaluation Study based on the county’s remaining remnant natural lands

· Develop a Green Communities Guide for the community at large as well as for professionals & designers to move the county toward a more sustainable outcome (STAR Community concepts would be incorporated into the guide);

· Promotion of Green Roofs; and

· Incorporating SITES, Sustainable Sites Initiative into the urban lands development process.

· Assisting the Urban Agriculture movement that is currently manifesting itself in Broward county.