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Conservation Outreach Programs and Partnerships
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Water Matters! Your personal water management habits affect Broward County’s diverse natural systems and water resources. It’s up to you to make sure that these resources are protected for the future. Broward County’s water conservation programs have been developed with the goal of substantially reducing water consumption both indoors and outdoors. It’s a shared responsibility and we all need to do our part. Without community-wide participation we will all pay the price — the price of developing new water supplies and providing higher levels of treatment. The cost of water is something we can influence. Water saved today translates into less water we’ll have to produce with expensive alternative technologies in the future. Learn more about these programs here.

 NatureScape Broward NatureScape Broward  NatureScape Broward is a County outreach program that teaches residents how to create a landscape that will conserve water, reduce pollution and create habitat to attract native and migratory wildlife. Creating a NatureScape will not only help to preserve our precious water resources, but will also add value to your home and save you money on your utility bills.
 NatureScape Irrigation NatureScape Irrigation Service  Broward County’s NatureScape Irrigation Service (NIS) is a water conservation program offered in partnership with 18 local water utilities. The goal of the NIS is to reduce urban water consumption and improve the quality of surface waters through efficient irrigation and environmentally-friendly landscape practices. The NIS program targets large properties, such as government facilities, parks, schools, and multi-family residential complexes, where water conservation efforts can produce the greatest water savings.
 Know the Flow
Know the Flow 
Broward County's water management systems are managed by a number of local and regional government agencies and are designed to work together to protect our County from flooding, to reduce pollution and to preserve our water resources.  The Know the Flow course teaches you about South Florida’s natural history, how and who manages water, and things that you can do to protect this important resource. By "knowing the flow" you can help prevent flooding, reduce pollution and protect our water resources for the future.
 Water Matters Day
Water Matters Day
  An important part of Broward County’s effort to educate residents about water conservation is Water Matters Day. This fun, activity-filled event held each year in March focuses on teaching residents about the need to conserve and protect water for people, plants and animals. The event helps Broward residents make the connection between their daily activities and the impact they have on our local water resources and natural environment.
 Conservation Pays Conservation Pays  Broward County and 18 municipalities and water utilities have partnered together to form the Broward Water Partnership to help save water, money, and the environment and promote indoor water conservation.  Some partners offer toilet rebates of up to $100 each for qualifying residents, businesses and nonprofits.  Find out if you’re eligible for a rebate.
 Broward County Public School Logo Broward Schools Partnership  Educating school age children about the environment and their role in preserving and protecting the natural resources for the future instills environmental stewardship at an early age. Through a partnership with  Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the sixth largest school district in the nation, County staff are training and educating school students and staff about our environment and how to care for it.