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Main Courthouse Judicial Complex Projects

New Courthouse

Scope of Project: This project is the construction of a new Broward County courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The new 20-story, 714,000-square-foot courthouse has been built on the site where the judicial parking garage was located, just west of the main courthouse building. The total cost of the courthouse tower, including design, project management services, underground utility work, demolition and abatement of existing buildings, construction of the new tower, the connecting bridge to the existing north and east wings, and the new East Wing elevator is approximately $261.5 million. The new courthouse opened in March 2017.

South Parking Garage

Scope of Project: This project is the construction of a new parking garage for courthouse employees. The Courthouse parking garage site, comprising 1.9082 acres (83,123 square feet), is located at the northeast corner of South Andrews Avenue and S.E. 7th Street. The site extends north to the south side of S.E. 6th Street, across S.E. 6th Street from the new proposed Courthouse site, and also extends east to the northwest corner of S.E. 1st Avenue. The new garage provides 1,000 parking spaces in a five level structure. The project also includes a 12,000 square foot ground floor office space for Guardian ad Litem, and a 1,500 square foot ground floor retail shell space. The project cost approximately $30.7 million including costs for both the land purchase and the construction of the new facilities. The new garage opened June 2014.

East Wing Renovations

Scope of Project: This project is the complete renovation of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the East Wing of the Broward County Judicial Complex. The project also includes the renovation of existing restrooms, mechanical rooms, the retrofit of building systems and the provision of new systems furniture for tenant agencies. The project is currently estimated to cost $26 million and is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Roof Renovations: The East Wing Re-roof Wind Retrofit project replaces the entire east wing existing roof system, including the North pedestrian bridge, and the extreme east and west ends of the East pedestrian bridge. The work also includes expansion and hardening of the FP&L transformer vault room, and providing impact resistant opening protection at the open connections of the pedestrian bridges connecting to other Courthouse buildings, and other ancillary areas of the east wing building. Budgeted cost for this project is $1.8 million. 

500-Car Secure Parking Garage, Plaza and Public Art

Scope of Project: The project is the construction of a new 500-car secure garage, a public plaza and a public art work on the site of the current central and east wings of the Broward County Judicial Center. The current estimate for the garage and plaza is $14.9 million. An allocation of $610,000 has been made to fund the public art project which will be installed in the garage’s breezeway pedestrian connector between the plaza and the Riverwalk. The 500-car secure garage is scheduled for completion in 2018. Total: $14.9 million.

Mid-Rise Renovations

Scope of Project: The existing 69,000 square foot building will be renovated in accordance with LEED sustainable guidelines to accommodate the following agencies:

1st Floor: Currently Occupied by the Clerk of the Court Call Center, Training Rooms & Child Support as well as BSO Probation staff will be reconfigured to accommodate the Probation staff currently located on the second floor and the Clerk of the Court Child Support will be located close to the building entry on the South East corner of the building. This reconfiguration will improve the building by servicing the public on the ground floor of the building.

2nd Floor: Currently occupied by Broward Sheriff's Office, the remainder of the space is currently vacant and is being utilized as swing space for the Clerk of the court and Facilities. The intent is to provide the Second Floor to the Clerk of the Court to accommodate the Call Center, Training Center and additional Clerk Staff.

3rd Floor: Currently vacant. It will be occupied by the Public Defender's Office, which is in leased space.

4th Floor: Temporarily occupied by Judicial Information Systems while their space is being refurbished (Suite 895 of Central Wing). It will be occupied by the State Attorney's Office, which is in leased space.

Budgeted cost for this project is $12.7 million. Phase I – 1st and 2nd floors – January 2017; Phase II – 3rd and 4th Floors – October 2017.