Where will I be able to park?

Each employee will be assigned to a garage in which to park—either the East Garage or the new 1,000-car garage. Employee parking garage assignments have not been made yet. County staff is reviewing various options and will consult with stakeholders before making assignments. Employees will be notified well in advance of the opening of the new 1,000-car garage. The new garage is expected to open in late spring, 2014.

How will employees get safely from the new garage to the courthouse?

Employees will need to walk from the new 1,000-car garage to the courthouse. Until the new Courthouse is completed, the 6th Street building entrance in the Central Wing will be the primary entrance. That entrance is being modified to provide an additional security screening station to help accommodate and expedite entrance to the building by employees. Once the new Courthouse tower is open, the walk will be closer than the existing East Garage.

When will this change happen and can I still park in the East Garage?

Once garage assignments are made, the assigned AVI card will only work in the garage you are assigned. Current schedules have this happening in late spring, 2014.

Are the waiting times to enter the parking garage going to improve?

The two entrances to the garage and the absence of juror and public parking in the garage should improve access and exiting times currently experienced in the East Garage. There may be, however, times when the traffic is queued.

Is there going to be covered walkway from the parking lot to the new garage?

There are no plans for a covered pedestrian bridge or walkway connecting the new 1,000-car garage to the new courthouse tower. The path from the new garage to the Courthouse is through public right of way and is open to the air, please be prepared for normal South Florida weather. There will be, however, an enclosed bridge structure connecting the new tower to the North Wing.

Will there be an employee-only entrance to the new building?

Yes, there will be a separate line for employee screening in the main lobby. All entry into the new tower will be made via either the main entry lobby or via the connecting bridge to the North Wing after passing through security in those other building areas.

Will we have security for new parking garage?

The new 1,000-car garage will be secure. It is enclosed on the first floor and has been provided with security cameras and emergency call boxes. Additionally, it will be staffed during operating hours. Caution and situational awareness is still advised --- as it is in all public buildings.

Is there going to be a garage for judges close to the new Courthouse building?

Yes. When the construction of the new courthouse tower is complete, the Central and West Wings will be demolished and replaced by a secure 500-car garage and public plaza.

Employee Guide to the Judicial Complex South Garage

Broward County’s new Judicial Complex South Parking Garage is open for employees!  There are many important features with the facility that improve safety, mobility, and efficiency.  Discover all of the new features here.