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Will the new Courthouse have a designated smoking area?

Smoking will be prohibited inside the building. The designated smoking area will be located on the southeast side of the building, more than 25 feet away from building entries.

Will there be enough room in the courtroom for In-Court Clerks and DTOs to update case info?

Yes. The areas provided in the courtrooms have been designed to meet the requested needs of courtroom users.

How many break rooms are being constructed and are they going to be restricted to employees only?

19 break rooms are distributed throughout the building and are for employee use only.

Will employees have separate restrooms in the new complex?

Separate restrooms for the public and employees are provided in the new building.

Does front window staff have security glass to protect them from public?

Yes, clear laminated security glass is provided at customer service windows.

Will there be separate rooms for office safes?

Vault rooms for safes have been provided throughout the building for those areas where they are needed.

Will there be a restaurant or cafeteria in the new courthouse?

The new building does not provide a new restaurant or a cafeteria. The dining facility on the 3rd floor of the East Wing will be retained and will continue to be available for all courthouse users.

How are indoor air quality issues being addressed in the new building?

The new building will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified through the United States Green Building Council. It has many features designed to provide users with a healthy indoor environment including:

  • The ventilation air rate will equal or exceed the ASHRAE standard 62.1-2004 for air quality.
  • CO2 concentrations will be measured and increased ventilation rates provided when needed.
  • Higher than average quality air conditioning system filters (MERVE 13) will be used to provide clean indoor air.
  • New materials are specified to contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in adhesive, paints, sealants, flooring, and furniture.