Moving News
Move-In Information
January 2017 - Employee Reference Guide​ to the West Building.
  (Includes Office Safety Policy and Hazard Communication Policy)

Courthouse Move Update

Find out the latest news about the move to the new courthouse.

Issue #4 - December 2015: Move Update

Issue #3 - June 2015: Move Management Updates, Recycling and Preparing to Pack (PDF)

Issue #2 – April 2015: Preparing for the Move: Labeling, Color Coding, File Relocation & More (PDF)

Issue #1 - January 2015: Workstations, Offices and Common Work Areas (PDF)​​

Employee Town Hall Meetings

Employee Town Halls are scheduled periodically to share updates. You will receive an email invite with all the details and announcement posters will be displayed in high traffic locations in the courthouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the anticipated move for employees?

The move for employees has begun late 2016 and will continue through March 2017 in a phased-in approach. The move may not be based on the sequence of the new building levels/floors. 

Who will mov​e personal belongings and equipment? What about the “sensitive” documents that I’m responsible for?

Movers will be provided for non-personal items such as equipment. Moving personal items will be the responsibility of the individual employee. Items which require a secure chain of custody during the move will be inventoried and security for those items provided. 

What kind of sto​rage will I have at my workplace?

Individual work spaces such as workstations and offices will offer a variety of storage options including pedestals, file cabinets and book shelves. Individual storage options were carefully selected for each agency based on a series of meetings with end users to understand their storage needs.

Departmental files and case files can be stored in high density files and other storage shelves. Storage rooms will be offered across the new courthouse to accommodate different storage needs. 

Which divisions/agen​cies will be in the new building?

The 20-story building is comprised of judicial, administrative, service and detention spaces.

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