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Courthouse Construction Update
December 17, 2012
Broward County > New Courthouse > Newsletter > December 17, 2012

Courthouse Projects Proceeding on Schedule

The Courthouse projects which include the New Broward County Courthouse, the new 1,000-car garage and reconfiguration of the Midrise facility are progressing as scheduled. Highlights are as follows:

New Broward County Courthouse Tower

  • A Notice to Proceed was issued October 15 to contractor James A. Cummings, Inc., to begin site mobilization and coordination of civil engineering work for utility relocations under Courthouse Drive.
  • On October 24, County authorized the use of ground penetrating radar to locate additional unmarked utilities and to locate underground piles that supported the demolished West Garage.
  • Drilling the new foundation piles that will support the new Courthouse tower began November 2.
  • Installation of building piles and pile caps will take approximately four months and is scheduled to be completed in March 2013.
  • The Project team continues to monitor and respond to traffic, pedestrian and noise impacts arising from the project to provide an even higher level of protection while maintaining traffic flow.
  • Spillis Candela & Partners/Heery/Cartaya Joint Venture’s redesign of the mechanical system, which includes an extensive redesign of the air conditioning systems and associated changes to the building’s electrical system, will be brought to the Board as a change order in February 2013. County staff, assisted by the Weitz Company, is conducting a rigorous technical and cost review of proposed changes as a prelude to negotiating the change order price and any time impacts.

1,000-Car Broward County Judicial Courthouse Parking Garage

  • Notice to proceed issued to Stiles Corporation for demolition activities on August 17.
  • Demolition and site clearing has been completed.
  • On-and off-site utility work is underway including installation of a new sewer line along Andrews Avenue.
  • During on-site excavation for the installation of underground FPL conduits, four previously unidentified underground fuel storage tanks were discovered. Tanks and contaminated soils have been removed and groundwater remediation is in progress.
  • Stiles Corporation is securing the building permit from the City of Fort Lauderdale. The scheduled start of garage construction, dependent upon the receipt of the permit, is early December 2012. Anticipated completion date is December 2013.

Midrise Building

The project scope of work includes the following sub-projects which include architectural and engineering upgrades and the consolidation of office space to reduce rental cost:

  • Relocation of Public Defender staff currently occupying leased space to the third floor of the Midrise.
  • Relocation of State Attorney Staff to the fourth floor of the Midrise from leased space.
  • Reconfiguration of the first and second floors of the Midrise for Broward Sheriff's Office and Clerk of Courts occupancy.
  • Potential projects that include a fire sprinkler system and a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) are being evaluated.

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