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Courthouse Construction Update
July 19, 2012

Contractor Agreements Signed

Since the award of the new courthouse construction contract to James Cummings, Inc. on June 12, initial agreements have been negotiated and signed. A user-friendly version of the project timeline is being developed, and will be shared as soon as it is available. To receive project updates, visit the new courthouse website and follow us on

Demolition of West Garage to Begin August 24

The demolition of the West Parking Garage will commence August 24, making way for the construction of the new 20-story, 741,000-square-foot courthouse, which is scheduled for completion in 2015. The West Parking garage is located at the corner of S.E. First Avenue and S.E. Sixth Street.

Parking Update

Demolition of the West Parking Garage will create some parking challenges. Steps are being taken to maximize use of the East Parking Garage. Specifically:

  • Beginning August 6, Clerk of Courts will reduce the daily jury pool count to 325.
  • Beginning August 13, Detention employees will move from the Judges and Elected Officials’ temporary parking lot to the East Garage. Employees on B shift must only use the employee side of the East Garage or the existing Gross Lot for parking. A and C shift employees can also continue to use the existing Gross Lot.
  • Beginning August 20, judges, elected officials and certain designated staff will begin parking in the temporary parking lot area. All other employees currently parking in the West Garage will begin parking in the East Garage.
  • Agencies will maintain current levels of staff parking at the East Garage, eliminate or reduce parking validations for contractors and other parties, and conduct business in other locations where possible.
  • The parking situation will be monitored continually throughout the project to ensure that all available parking alternatives are being utilized.

We are also evaluating whether the exit arms in the East Garage can remain open at certain times, improving traffic flow as employees depart the workplace. We anticipate a decision by the end of July.

Related Project Updates

In addition to the new courthouse project, which includes the new tower, East Wing renovations and a 500-car parking garage, other related construction projects are also moving forward, including a new five-story, 1,000-car parking garage near the corner of Andrews Avenue and S.E. Seventh St., which is scheduled for completion in late 2013, and renovations to the mid-rise area. A master plan diagram, courthouse renderings and scope of projects is available on the new courthouse website.

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