2014 - Winter Part 3
  • View of the Main Lobby
    ​A view of the Main Lobby.​
  • Beautiful bathroom interior
    ​A beautiful bathroom interior.
  • Clerk of the Court area
    ​Clerk of the Court Area.
  • 6th floor Atrium ceiling
    ​6th floor Atrium ceiling.
  • Elevator Lobby takes shape
    ​Elevator lobby takes shape.
  • 3rd floor public corridor
    ​3rd floor public corridor.
  • Exterior view of the East Wing
    ​Exterior view of the East Wing.
  • Corridor outside private offices
    ​Corridor outside private offices.
  • Lights at the sixth floor Atrium ceiling
    ​Lights at the sixth floor Atrium ceiling.
  • Service counters taking shape
    ​Service counters taking shape.