Broward County > New Courthouse > Project Timeline > Construction (July 2013)
Precast Façade
As the precast concrete panels of the garage’s northeast elevation are installed, the work in progress hints at the variety of pattern, scale and texture that will make the finished garage visually interesting.
Parking Decks
The garage is being constructed in an “erector set” fashion with precast columns, beams, exterior wall panels and parking decks lifted and placed by the large crane in the foreground.

Site Overview
The erection of the garage’s precast structure will proceed from the north side of the site and follow the roughly “L” shaped site visible in the graded and cleared foreground. The New Broward County Courthouse tower construction is visible on the right.
Garage Viewed from New Courthouse Tower
As the New Courthouse tower rises, it affords a good vantage point to view the construction of the new 1,000-car garage. The garage is being assembled from the north working towards the historic Coca-Cola Building visible at the far corner of the garage project site.