2012 - Fall


November-December Mobilize activities: James A. Cummings (contractor) and Owner’s Construction Project Manager (the Weitz Company) 
Install concrete auger cast piles for Tower
Modify existing 12” water main along Courthouse Drive (added scope)
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November 26

Install new 16" water main along S.E. 6th Street

Nov. 19 Demo existing duct bank, vault, sidewalk and water main along Courthouse Drive
Nov. 12 Reconfigure Maintenance of Traffic on 6th Street
Install new sanitary sewer along Courthouse Drive
October 15 Contractor receives Second Notice to Proceed on elevated walkway between the Courthouse and North Wing building and new elevator core for the west building
Oct. 8 Install steel sheet piles along Courthouse Drive
September 7 Install concrete test piles
Sept. 4 Erect mobile crane for foundation pile work
Sept. 1-28 Begin FPL underground electrical work along Courthouse Drive