2014 - Spring


Cooling Tower Support Steel Structure on the roof is complete ​View Slide Show
Mechanical Penthouse, Stair, and Elevator Roof Slabs is complete
Architectural Precast Panel Installation up to the parapet is complete
Curtain Wall Installation is up to level 19
Escalators installation is complete
Elevators are being installed
Emergency generators are set. Connections ongoing
Florida Power & Light work is ongoing
Drywall is ongoing on levels 2 to 6
Terrazzo flooring is ongoing on levels 2 to 7
Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems are ongoing on levels 7 to 21
Cooling Towers delivered to the site and lifted to the mechanical penthouse
Elevated bridge along courthouse drive is ongoing and up to the second elevated deck


March 31 Curtain wall system installation is finished up to Level 15 View Slide Show
March 27 Drywall, finishe and trim are in progress up to Level 7
March 24 Architectural precast panels have been installed through the 18th Floor
March 20 Equipment for Elevators 13 and 14 are installed through Level 14
March 19 Phase 1 Finishes are up to Level 17; Phase 2 Finishes are up to Level 5
March 13 Framing, rough-ins and equipment are in progress through Level 19
March Fabrication of duct work is in production through the 18th Floor. Cooling tower concrete beams are complete. Installation of the Terrazzo flooring has begun. Elevated deck for the Bridge at Courthouse Drive has begun. Commercial door and frame fabrication is 95 percent complete.