PRR Coordinator List

Broward County has over 50 agencies that have designated Public Records Request Coordinators and they have received training on how to fulfill public records requests. Below is a list of Broward County agencies, their Coordinators, and how to contact them to make your public records request.

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Division Name Telephone E-mail
Administration Cooper, Sharlene 954-359-6129
Administration Burn, Monique 954-359-1080
​Airport Dev. ​Chambers, Jalaine ​954-359-2581
​Airport Dev. ​Graham, TaMeisha ​954-359-6141
Business Hernandez, John 954-359-2582
​Business ​Delgado, Maria ​954-359-6109
Finance Dent, John 954-359-6278
Facilities Vassello, Lori 954-359-1265
Operations Erban, Marie 954-359-1220
​Legal ​Hodge, Carolyn ​954-359-6107
Security Stubbs, Loretta 954-359-1028
County Admin
Name Telephone E-mail
Sewell, Daphne 954-357-7351
County Attorney
Name Telephone E-mail
Burke, Michael 954-357-7637  
County Auditor
Name Telephone E-mail
Smith-Allen, Brenda 954-357-7590
County Commission
Name Telephone E-mail
Maroe, Kimberly 954-357-8053  
Cultural Division
Name Telephone E-mail
Seamore, Chantel 954-357-7019
Environ​mental Protection & Growth Management
Division Name Telephone E-mail
Administration Kladerman, Judy 954-357-6612
Administration Webster, Trinette 954-357-6638
​Animal Care & Adoption Wright, Joseph ​954-359-1313 X9866
​Animal Care & Adoption ​Chicko, Stefanie ​​954-357-9755
Planning & Development Cummings, Albert 954-357-8695 acummings@broward           
​Planning & Development Fletcher, Tonya ​954-357-7553
Emergency Mgt. Britto, Adrienne 954-831-3906
Housing DeLaCruz, Milgaros 954-357-4909
Housing Diaz, Ida 954-357-4910
Environmental Planning Ellison, Norma 954-519-1270
Environmental Planning Wilschke, Carole 954-519-1446
​Building Code Services ​Ballester, Barry ​954-765-5152
​Building Code Services ​Rulka, Andrea ​954-765-4400, X9247
Environ. Engineering & Permitting Swing, Joanne 954-519-1286
​Environ. Engineering & Permitting ​Ortiz, Jeffrey ​954-519-1427  
Environ. & Consumer Protection King, Tanya 954-519-1262 
​Environ. & Consumer Protection ​Cooley, Beverly ​954-357-4800, X0446 ​ 
Finance & Administrative Services
Division Name Telephone E-mail
Administration Johnson, Rose 954-357-7130
Accounting​​ Cissell, Paul 954-357-7242
​ETS ​McGowan, Gail ​954-357-6147
​ETS ​Buenaventura, Ryan ​954-357-8574
ETS - ERP Kain, Laura 954-765-1677
HR - Admin. McClain, Takai 954-357-6002
HR - Admin. IT Munemura, Carol 954-357-5565
HR - Comp and Records Cuervo, Mary 954-357-6437
​HR - Comp and Records ​Freemen, Delwynn ​954-357-7887  ​
​HR - Comp and Records ​Garrick, Antonia ​954-357-6438
HR - Employee Benefits Morrison, Lisa 954-357-6720
​HR - Employee Benefits ​Garassino, Jahan ​954-357-6739
​HR - Labor Relations ​Newman, Donna ​954-357-6433
​HR - Staffing ​Cowart, Nick ​954-357-6020
Purchasing Gaugler, Wendy 954-357-5842
​Purchasing Burnell, Katherine ​954-357-7901
​Purchasing ​Kennedy, Dylan ​954-357-5842
Records, Taxes and Treasury Manicone, Claudio 954-357-8638
Records, Taxes and Treasury Bailey, Lisa 954-357-9734
Records, Taxes and Treasury Morrell, Andre 954-357-7298
Records, Taxes and Treasury Mehringer, Gary 954-357-5440
Risk Management Nunez, Carlosv 954-357-7218
Risk Management Thorn, Melissa 954-357-7232
All Divisions Ellis, Jay (James) 954-357-5432
Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
Name Telephone E-mail
Jones, Sophia 954-767-2450  
Human Services
Division Name Telephone E-mail
Administration Stevens, Daren 954-357-6385
​Community Partnership
​--Administration ​Thompson, Dwight ​954-357-6202
​--Children's Services Administration ​Gibbs, Anna ​954-357-7880
​--Homeless Initiative Partnership ​DeJesus, Luis ​954-357-6101
​--Health Care Services ​Montgomery, Theresa ​954-357-5385
​--Nancy J. Cotterman Center ​Seeley, Stephen ​954-357-5775 x5603
​--Child Care Licensing & Enforcement ​Graham, Tracy ​954-357-4800 x0022
Name Telephone E-mail
Lewin, Elsie 954-357-6539
​Munoz, Maria ​954-357-5553
Medical Examiner & Trauma Services
Name Telephone E-mail
Galvez, Heather 954-357-5211
​Johnson, Louise ​954-357-5238
Office of Regional Communications & Technology
Name Telephone E-mail
​Rojas, Deidamia ​954-357-8271
​Harper, Amber ​954-357-8570
Office of Economic and Small Business Development
Name Telephone E-mail
Williams, Vonetta 954-357-5685
Aufford, Ann 954-357-6408
Jones, Jasmine 954-357-8076
Office of Management and Budget
Name Telephone E-mail
Cheung, Jessica 954-357-6350
Office Public Communications
Name Telephone E-mail
Giovagnoli, Marcy 954-357-7342
​Martin, Cynthia ​954-357-6991
Parks & Recreation​
Name Telephone E-mail
Murto, Tina 954-357-8184
Baker, Cyndy 954-357-8117
Port Everglades
Name Telephone E-mail
Brevett, Nina 954-468-0001
Public Works
Division Name Telephone E-mail
Administration Durocher, Rita 954-357-6416
​Administration ​Autry, Rebecca ​954-357-6410
Construction Mgt. Clarke, Latoya 954-357-6402
​Construction Mgt. ​Massie, Ruth ​954-357-5643
Facilities Hill, Paul 954-357-6469
​Facilities ​Brown, Loinel ​954-357-8486
​Hwy. & Bridge Maintenance ​Moore, Judale ​954-357-6045
Hwy. Construction and Eng. Gaffud, Susan 954-577-4566
​Hwy. Construction and Eng. ​Soto, Heather ​954-577-4584
Mosquito Control Marhefka, Joe 954-765-4062
Real Property Loving, Evelyn 954-357-6826
Real Property Hammond, Marie 954-357-6815
Real Property Mazzella, Tina 954-357-6249
Traffic Engineering Borges, Ann 954-847-2613
Solid Waste & Recycling Ruby, Ed 954-474-1846
Solid Waste & Recycling Knight, Eliner 954-474-1849
WWS - Engineering Moscardini, Marion 954-831-3284
WWS - Engineering Dawson, Barbara 954-831-0744
WWS - Fiscal Ops. Cureton, Terri 954-831-0991
​WWS - Operations ​Reeves, Kathy ​954-831-0871
​WWS - Operations ​DeMartini, Nancy ​954-831-3215​
​Rules and Appeals, Board of​​​​
​Name ​Telephone ​E-mail
​Boselli, Ruth 954-765-4500x​9889
​Joseph, Jonda ​954-765-4500x9891
Division Name Telephone E-mail
Fleet Services Rinaldi, Susan 954-357-6499
​Transit Thompson, Audrey ​954-357-8577