Your Guide To Restaurant's Nutritional Content
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Here are a few restaurant websites that can give you further information on foods they offer and their nutritional content. The restaurants listed are for informational purposes only. Being on this does not promote, endorse or support any restaurant. Note: Web addresses are subject to change.

Eating out is a common activity for individuals and families. If you are not sure how your food will be prepared -- ask. Don't be hesitant to request special preparation when eating out. Your health is a priority!

Fast foods tend to be high in fat, cholesterol, calories and sodium while being lower in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Choose wisely.

Concern has been expressed over the quantity of foods served at restaurants. Be mindful of portion size. Larger food portions contain more calories. When people are served larger portions, they usually tend to eat more. You can always eat half and share the other half with a friend or take it home for later. So, plan ahead and exercise control.

Finally, check out the following website for additional information on the new food pyramid.

*Steps to a Healthier You-The New Food Pyramid

These websites/links are provided for your general information. The site information provided does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any organization, nor is disapproval implied of sites not mentioned. The reference links provided are maintained by their organizations and they are solely responsible for their content, update, maintenance and policies and procedures.