Shelter Reservations and Rentals

**All fees are subject to applicable Florida sales tax.**

Shelter seating capacities vary by park.  Check specific park webpages or contact a park office for more details.

You can now reserve shelters online. Reserve Online


Shelter Type

Weekday Price
(Monday - Friday)

Weekend & Holiday Price

Interpretive Shelter
(no electricity or water)

$24 per day

 $45 per day

Small Shelter and Gazebo

$36 per day

 $72 per day

Medium Shelter

$50 per day

$110 per day

Large Shelter

$75 per day

$175 per day

Extra-Large Shelter

$120 per day

$400 per day

Corporate Pavilion

$250 per day

$700 per day


$35 per day

$75 per day

*Funbrella price per session is $20 (Central Broward Regional Park only)

Cleanup and security deposit required on day of use for all picnic shelters:


Small and Medium Shelters,
Gazebos, and Funbrellas (excludes aquatic areas)   


Large, Extra-Large, and Cabins


Corporate Pavilions



A cleanup and/or security deposit is based on facility size.

Reservation Cancellation
or Transfer Fee:

Shelters (small to large), Funbrellas, Athletic Fields, Campgrounds: $25

Extra-large Shelters, Stage, Showmobile, Portable Bleachers, Tents: $50

Buildings (Halls), Corporate Pavilions or Cabins: $100


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