eNaturalist Program

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What is the eNaturalist program?

The eNaturalist program is Broward County Parks’ way of bringing nature to you; wherever you are. Our eNature Tours provide users with a video- and audio-guided tour through natural areas while the Website has a variety of educational resources for nature lovers of all ages.


eNaturalist Tour 


eNaturalist Tour 

Headed outside?


Our eNaturalist guided eNature Tour at Tall Cypress Natural Area, Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area, and Woodmont Natural Area utilize QR (quick response) codes along the trail to enhance your visit with videos about the nature beyond the boardwalk.

These tours are accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired by use of braille signage.

eNaturalist Sign 

Tablet or Cell Phone?

You can use either! Our videos are made to be accessed via cellphone or tablet with cellular connection.

Rainy Day?

Bring the outdoors inside with a visit to our eLearning Center which is packed with fun and interesting facts that explore all things nature. Find rainy day excitement at the eCritters Corner with interactive games, coloring pages, and more.

Students and Teachers?

Head over to our eNaturalist Tour Videos Webpage to watch our eNaturalist eco-videos and share them with your class, indoors or out! Visit our eNaturalist trails in participating natural areas to experience the outdoors in a new interactive way. Students can take a tour of the park guided by our eNaturalist, and expand on the video topics at our outdoor “learning centers” along the path.

Visiting a Park?

Visit the ePark Explorer section to find driving directions to our parks, nature centers, and natural areas. You can even view and print our park maps.


Each of our eNaturalist tours hold the hint to virtual caches. Visit our Geocaching Webpage, stop by the park, find the right video, and head back to the geocache to insert the correct answer.