Motorola Day of Service 2010
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Every year, the employees of Motorola take time away from their coporate jobs to get down and dirty at the parks. The projects and tasks they take on to help improve the enviroment at parks usually involve a lot of muscle and sweat - probably not what they experience in their own offices.

 16 volunteers from Motorola On Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 16 volunteers from Motorola labored at Secret Woods Nature Center. They removed non-native plants species such as air potato, rosary pea, and wedelia.

Another group of Motorola volunteers reported to Markham Park to help fill pots with soil and seedlings. The hard work provided by the Motorola volunteers is truly welcomed by park staff.
Thank you! 

 Motorola volunteer helping to move plants  Volunteers planting seedlings in pots
 Volunteers helping each other fill pots with dirts and planst  Volunteers standing in a group behind all the seedlings they potted