Motorola Global Day of Service
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Plan It Green in Markham Park

For the second year in a row Motorola included Broward County parks as a stop in its annual Global Day of Service . More than 135 volunteers, who work at Motorola’s Plantation, Florida, facility came out to Markham Park and Target Range on Wednesday, October 15, 2008,and contributed 551 hours of service. Four pickup trucks and a 10-foot, a 20-foot, and two 30-foot trailers were filled with invasive plants such as Caesar weed, Australian pine, and melaleuca, to make way for indigenous species like cocoplum, royal fern, and slash pines. Thanks to the Motorola volunteers, more than 1,860 native trees and plants were reestablished at the park in Sunrise.

One volunteer next to the empty pots from plants that have been placed.
Wet, dirty and tired but still happy
Snacks and refreshments were available under the tent
Digging holes for plants and trees
This kind of job is very different from being inside an office all day

Everyone was kept busy installing1,862 plants
Broward County employee Terri Ward helps identify the good plants from the evasive ones.
Right plant, right place
Bringing more potted plants to be buried
This kind of job is very different from being inside an office all day

Park naturalist Kelli Whitney helps volunteers find locations
Hard work but helping the environment makes it worth it
The day was perfect for a day of service
Volunteer carrying four potted plants

Volunteers are always welcome at Broward County Parks. For more information about volunteering, click here.