Rifle/Pistol Range Rules
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Welcome to the Markham Park Target Range, the finest outdoor range facility in Florida. The range's rules and regulations are designed to ensure that your visit with us, whether you’re a newcomer to target shooting or a veteran marksperson, is as enjoyable and as safe as possible. Please read and follow them carefully.


1. Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded:

  • Point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Keep finger off trigger unless actually shooting.
  • Keep action open and gun unloaded unless actually shooting.

2. All firearms are to be unloaded before shooters enter the range premises and must be kept open at all times except when shooters are on the firing line. No one who brings a loaded firearm onto the range will be allowed to shoot.

  • Magazines must be removed from firearms before entering range premises.
  • Guns must be encased and unloaded, magazines removed.
  • Guns not encased must be carried muzzles up, actions open, magazines removed.

3. Shooters are NOT permitted to pass through the waiting area onto the firing line unless they are accompanied by a range officer.

  • While you are waiting, post your target on a cardboard backer – one (1) to a shooter, please. Masking tape is available for this purpose in the waiting area. Do not remove tape from dispensers.
  • Range officers will assign you a shooting position, check your firearms for obstructions, and make a visual inspection of the firearm’s mechanism.

4. Hearing and eye protection are mandatory. Shooters must wear clothing that protects their skin against flying particles. Opened-toe shoes (sandals, thongs) are not permitted. Sleeveless shirts are not permitted on the range.

5. Shooters may handle firearms, go down range to work with their targets, or begin firing ONLY at the command of the range officers.

6. Firearms may be loaded only on the firing line and only at the command of a range officer. The muzzle of a loaded firearm, must always point down range. All muzzles must extend beyond the yellow line when firing. All shooters must remain behind the yellow line while the firing line is HOT.

7. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted on the range and range grounds. If a shooter has been drinking and, in a range officer’s judgment, poses a safety hazard, that shooter will be removed from the range.

8. Pistols may NOT be worn holstered on the firing line. Drawing a firearm from a holster is NOT permitted. Shotguns and rifles must have full-length stocks.

9. Concealed firearms and permits to carry same in parks are regulated under Florida Statutes 790.053, 790.06, and 790.33. All law enforcement officers carrying concealed firearms must identify themselves to range staff and display their badges.

10. All junior shooters – ages 10-17 – must shoot under the direct supervision of a paying adult. Only a parent or legal guardian can sign the waiver form in order for juniors to use the range. Juniors must be a minimum of 10 years old to participate.

11. Spectators are NOT permitted on the firing line.

12. When you are finished shooting and are ready to leave, after the appropriate commands to go forward are given, return your target frame to your firing position and the cardboard backer to the office.

13. Loose shell casings are a safety hazard. Spent cartridges must be swept up and disposed of in the buckets provided during a cold line and prior to leaving for the day. Brass in the bucket becomes the property of Broward County.

14. (Class III ) Fully automatic firearms – are NOT permitted on the range. Short-barreled rifles and firearms with suppressors falling under the National Firearms Act are permitted on the range when accompanied by acceptable paperwork. Firearms chambered for .50 BMG are NOT permitted.

15. Rapid fire is NOT permitted. No more than one (1) shot every five (5) seconds.

16. Only paper targets are permitted. Targets depicting human or animal forms are NOT permitted. Three-dimensional targets are NOT permitted.

All shooters must present a current valid photo I.D.

The rangemaster will remove any shooter whose behavior is detrimental to the safe operation of the range.

Our range officers will be glad to answer any additional questions you might have. Your suggestions and comments on range procedures and practices are welcome. Just leave them at the rangemaster’s office following your visit. Enjoy yourself...and come back soon.