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Thursday B Recreation Division Schedule
Broward County > Parks > Tradewinds Park > Thursday B Recreation Division Schedule
LEAGUE SCHEDULE:  Thursday Night  B Division    

4/8/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Hammers  at Plumbing Master Systems, Inc
7:45pm Plubing Master Systems, Inc  at Air Systems Enterprises
 4/8/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Hub's Pub  at Devil Dogs
7:45pm Robo Wash  at Hammers
4/15/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Devil Dogs  at Hammers
7:45pm Devil Dogs  at Robo Wash
4/15/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Air Systems Enterprises  at Hub's Pub
7:45pm Hub's Pub  at Plumbing Master Systems, Inc
 4/22/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Plumbing Master Systems, Inc  at Robo Wash
7:45pm Hammers  at Hub's Pub
4/22/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Air Systems Enterprises  at Devil Dogs
7:45pm Robo Wash  at Air Systems Enterprises
4/29/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Devil Dogs  at Hub's Pub
7:45pm Robo Wash  at Hub's Pub
4/29/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Air Systems Enterprises  at Hammers
7:45pm Devil Dogs  at Plumbing Master Systems, Inc
5/6/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Air Systems Enterprises  at Plumbing Master Systems, Inc
7:45pm Hub's Pub  at Air Systems Enterprises
 5/6/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Hammers  at Robo Wash
7:45pm Plumbing Master Systems, Inc  at Hammers
5/13/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Robo Wash  at Devil Dogs
7:45pm Air Systems Enterprises   at Robo Wash
5/13/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Plumbing Master Systems, Inc  at Hub's Pub
7:45pm Hammers  at Devil Dogs
5/20/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Hub's Pub  at Hammers
7:45pm Devil Dogs  at Air Systems Enterprises
5/20/2010 Field # 4  
6:30pm Robo Wash  at Plumbing Master Systems, Inc
7:45pm Hub's Pub  at Robo Wash
5/27/2010 Field # 2  
6:30pm Hammers  at Air Systems Enterprises
7:45pm Plumbing Master Systems, Inc  at Devil Dogs