Shelter 4

Vista View shelter #4This large shelter accommodates 90 guests. Located next to the restroom facility and a giant field.

Shelter #4  Dimensions: 36 feet by 36 feet

Shelter #4 offers the following:

  • Twelve single picnic tables.
  • One barbecue grill.
  • Four single trash cans. 
  • Two electrical outlets.
  • One water spigot.
  • Restrooms located within walking distance.
  • Next to a large open space.
  • Within a walking distance of the playgrounds and fishing pier.

**All fees are subject to applicable Florida sales tax, except for gate admission fees, which include sales tax in the price.**

Shelter Rental Fees: 

  • Weekday Rate: $75 for all-day rental
  • Weekend Rate: $175 for all-day rental
  • Holiday Rate: $175 for all-day rental
  • Security Deposit: $100 paid at check-in/returned same day

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The Security/Clean-Up Deposit is to be paid the day of your event, prior to setting up your shelter, and will be refunded the same day providing the following criteria have been met:

  • All garbage is removed from shelter floor.
  • All garbage is placed in trash cans.
  • All food is removed from barbecue grills.
  • All decorations and tape/affixers have been removed.
  • Charcoal in grills is spread out to ensure extinguishing. DO NOT take charcoal out of grill. DO NOT place charcoal on the ground or in garbage cans.
  • Area around shelter is cleaned up (no garbage/trash on ground, etc.).
  • All tables removed from shelter have been placed back in shelter, in orderly fashion.