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Central Examining Boards
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Formal Addendums and Interpretations
Central Examining Boards

Regulated Businesses

Central Examining Boards have been created to regulate over specific trades. There are six (6) boards:

Each Board consists of six to nine members, three from the League of Cities and three appointed by the County Commission. All members volunteer their time. Each Board is required to meet at least eight times a year where they, among other duties, review applications, hear complaints and hold disciplinary hearings.

In addition to assisting the Central Examining Boards in issuing Certificates of Competency, we administer a licensed contractor program and an unlicensed contractor program. Both of these programs include receiving and fielding complaints, performing investigations, compiling case files, holding disciplinary proceedings, issuing fines and performing mediation.

Formal Addendums and Interpretations

Consumer Resources

Board Technician Contact List
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Chapter 9: Contractors
Broward County Consumer Protection Code
Central Examining Boards (CEB) Meeting Schedule
Consumer Complaint Forms
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Federal Trade Commission
Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR)
Florida Division of Consumer Services

File a Consumer Complaint Find a Licensed Contractor

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