Blasting, Implosion and Dynamic Compaction Licenses & Permits

We issue 4 license types:

  1. User License: authorizes a person to purchase or store explosives or blasting agents, or to engage in blasting at any approved site.

  2. Blaster License: authorizes a person to use explosives or blasting agents at an approved site.

  3. Handler License: authorizes a person to handle explosives while assisting a user or blaster.

  4. Carrier License: authorizes a person to transport explosives or blasting agents within or through Broward County.

To apply for any of these licenses you must contact us to set up a conference to discuss your qualifications and background and to receive an application. Call 954-765-4400, Option 5 to schedule a pre-application conference.

Important Note:
​In addition to being licensed, you will also need a permit to conduct blasting, implosion or dynamic compaction.


We conduct on-site monitoring whenever there is blasting, implosion or dynamic compacting activity in progress. In addition, a seismograph is used to measure the vibrations caused by those operations. Non-compliance with a law which affects the public welfare, health and/or safety can result in the site being immediately shut down until the violation is corrected. The permit is suspended during that time, but is re-activated after the correction is made and the site is re-opened.

We may also enter into an Inter-local Agreement with a municipality that is adjacent to a permitted blasting, implosion or dynamic compaction site. We then monitor the level of vibration coming from the site, on behalf of the neighboring municipality and its residents.