Contractor Continuing Education

General, Specialty, Engineered Construction & Specialty Engineered

As a Broward County licensed General Building Contractor, Specialty Building Contractor or Engineer/Specialty Engineering Contractor, you are required to complete 4 hours of continuing education each renewal cycle by attending the following programs or courses:

1. Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 9: Contractors (1 hour)
2. Workplace Safety (1 hour)
3. Worker’s Compensation (1 hour)
4. Business Practices (1 hour)

If your license status is inactive, and has been inactive for more than 1 year, you are not required to complete these continuing education requirements. Additionally, if your license status is inactive for less than 1 year, and you want to renew in the inactive status, you are not required to complete these continuing education requirements.

Failure to complete continuing education hours will result in your license being placed in inactive status. Only course hours taken during the 2-year renewal cycle qualify towards fulfilling the required hours. You may not carry over hours to or from another cycle. If you hold more than one license, you are only required to complete the continuing education requirements once (total 4 hours) during each renewal cycle.

Providers of required courses:

1st Contractors School

1 Exam Prep

Boss Construction School, Inc.

Building Trades Education Services

Construction Estimating Institute

Contractor Online Training, LLC

Contractors Continuing Education, Inc.

Contractors Education and Training Corporation of Florida

Contractors School, Inc.

Florida Contractors Exam Prep School

Gainesville Independent Testing Service, LLC

Gold Coast School of Construction, Inc.

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