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Comprehensive Planning
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Comprehensive Planning
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Comprehensive Planning
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Broward County’s Land Use and Comprehensive Plans are currently under review to make sure they reflect our current and anticipated growth and priorities. These priorities include things like transit, affordable housing, climate change and economic development. Let your voice be heard and help us plan Broward County’s future!  Learn more at

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan itemizes the principles, guidelines, standards, and strategies for the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the area that reflects the community vision and commitments which implement the plan. These principles and strategies guide future decisions in a consistent manner and contain programs and activities to ensure the plan is implemented. The sections of the Comprehensive Plan are generally structured as Goals, Objectives, and Policies (GOPs) and describe how the local governments’ programs, activities, and land development regulations will be implemented.

The Comprehensive Planning Process

Broward County’s Comprehensive Plan is a vision of what Broward County strives to be in the future. The process of developing this plan is a community-wide effort, and all interested groups have a part in determining what this vision should be. The GOPs are developed along with a realistic time frame for implementation.

The first phase of the process is to collect all available data on what is related to the element. The second phase is to solicit input from the community. This involves holding a series of public meetings, where citizens can come and provide input. After analyzing all existing data, goals and objectives are developed. Goals are recommendations and objectives describe the strategies to address each established goal. The Elements in the Comprehensive Plan have a short and longer range planning horizon. It is a policy document that provides a coordinated approach to making many decisions regarding land use and the location of development, the extension of urban services, the placement of community facilities, etc.

The Plan Amendment Process

There are three processes for amending the Comprehensive Plan. They include the state coordinated review track, the expedited review track, and a small scale review track. Third parties may mount a challenge against an amendment proceeding under any of these three tracks. 

The state coordinated review is for amendments that are in Areas of Critical State Concern, propose a Rural Land Stewardship Area, propose a sector plan, update a plan based on an evaluation and appraisal or are new plans for new municipalities. Small scale review amendments involve 10 or fewer acres and limit text changes to those relating directly to a map amendment. Local governments may only adopt 120 acres per year by this process. 

Expedited review includes any other amendments that are not subject to state coordinated review or small scale review. The procedures call for an amendment time frame of approximately twelve months from the time an application is submitted to the time the change is adopted by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. This involves a review of the request by our staff, who prepare a written report with our recommendation and the Local Planning Agency (LPA) recommendation.

Applications are available online for Small-Scale Amendments and Regular Amendments.  More detailed information regarding the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process can be found on the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website.  

The Plan Contents

Volume 1: Broward County Land Use Plan and Volume 3, Support Document. Volume 2, Goals, Objectives and Policies (GOPs) and Volume 4, Support Documents. Volume 2 contains 17 Elements that are consistent with Chapter 163, Part II, of the Florida Statues.

We are responsible for maintaining Volumes 2 and 4. The Broward County Planning Councilis responsible for maintaining Volumes 1 and 3.




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