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Comprehensive Planning
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Central County Community Redevelopment Agency
Neighborhood Enhancement Plans
Unincorporated Land Use and Zoning Map

Unincorporated Area Neighborhood

In 2000, the Unincorporated Area had 129,437 residents. However, annexations and incorporations have reduced the population of the Unincorporated Area to 16,357 as of the 2010 Census. Most of these residents live in one of the following Unincorporated Area Neighborhoods:

  • Boulevard Gardens
  • Franklin Park
  • Hillsboro Pines
  • Roosevelt Gardens
  • Broadview Park
  • Washington Park

We are responsible for implementing the neighborhood improvement program, preparing residents for the eventual annexation of their neighborhoods and all other planning and zoning related activities. We also maintain Volumes 2 and 4 of the Broward County Comprehensive Plan which apply to these Unincorporated Area neighborhoods.

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