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Comprehensive Planning
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Redevelopment Capital Program (RCP)
FAQs: Redevelopment
Community Redevelopment Areas

With projected population growth of over 230,000 people to 1.98 million by 2040, Broward County strives to always meet the housing and infrastructure needs of its population. Since the County has reached build-out, future growth will take the form of redevelopment; in underutilized urban areas (i.e. urban infill) and development of remaining vacant parcels. In order to plan for this growth, Broward County has taken steps, including the creation of mixed-land uses, transit-oriented development, sustainable redevelopment programs and urban design guidelines which aim to allow growth in a manner that maintains and improves the quality of life for all Broward County residents.

The County’s role is to take a regional perspective to plan and finance regional infrastructure; prudently manage the County’s fiscal resources; establish County-wide land use policy; target financial assistance to priority areas; and facilitate joint City-County planning. A major focus of the County’s redevelopment program in the Unincorporated Area includes; neighborhood enhancement, single family home construction, upgrading commercial corridors and community code compliance.

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