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Redevelopment Capital Program (RCP)
FAQs: Redevelopment
Community Redevelopment Areas
FAQs: Redevelopment

Frequently Asked Questions

Broward County Board of County Commissioners Redevelopment Initiative

What is Broward County's Redevelopment Initiative?
Redevelopment is perhaps Broward County’s greatest challenge today as our population continues to grow. Since vacant lands in western Broward County are nearing buildout, most of this growth will take place as development of remaining scattered vacant parcels in the urban area or redevelopment of underutilized or blighted areas. We have to take steps now to plan for this growth if it is to take place in a manner that maintains the quality of life for Broward County residents.

The Broward County Commission has identified the establishment of a redevelopment partnership with Broward County’s municipalities as a priority goal. To address concerns about the potential impact of CRAs and tax increment financing on the County’s tax base, the County will continue to develop alternatives to traditional CRA Funding.  The County offers direct financial assistance to planned local redevelopment efforts; affordable housing; economic development; and targeting of County capital improvements expenditures to planned redevelopment areas.

What is the Role of the County in Redevelopment?
The County’s role is to take the regional perspective to plan and finance regional infrastructure; prudently manage the County’s fiscal resources; establish County-wide land use policy; target financial assistance to priority areas; and facilitate joint city-county planning. A major focus of the County’s redevelopment program is the Unincorporated Area including single family home construction, upgrading commercial corridors and community code compliance.

What is the Role of the Municipalities?
Broward County acknowledges that municipalities will continue to lead in initiating, planning and managing redevelopment including approving development plans, site plans, zoning petitions, providing local infrastructure, etc.

What are the Potential Benefits of Broward County’s Redevelopment Initiative?
Enhancement of Unincorporated Area neighborhoods including construction of affordable single family housing and upgraded commercial corridors. Establishment of a sense of place including pedestrian friendly streetscapes, aesthetically pleasing road corridors and world class County government facilities. Careful management of the County’s fiscal resources to assist municipalities with their plans to redevelop blighted commercial strips and residential areas. Development of a future land use pattern which enhances use of mass transit and reduces traffic congestion.

How Will the County Work with Municipalities and Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs)?
The County will continue to work with municipalities through existing intergovernmental organizations such as the Broward League of Cities, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the South Florida Regional Planning Council, the State Road 7 Collaborative and Broward County Planning Council.

Where Can I Get Additional Information?
Contact the Planning and Redevelopment Section at 954-357-4904.

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