Air Quality Outreach Plan

Outreach pictureAs part of the Air Quality Program's efforts to protect the local air quality, a set of public outreach methods are used to educate the public and increase awareness about air quality issues. The 5 Year Air Quality Outreach Plan solidifies current outreach methodologies and enhances the effectiveness of the tools used to achieve the goals set forth in the plan. 


This plan is a forum in which the Program can identify the skills and information needed to be able to provide Broward County schools, residents, municipalities, and the regulated community accurate and timely information. The plan includes a description of activities to be conducted in a five-year period and and measures of success. The plan is updated annually. 




Tab I- Outreach Events Quarterly Report

Tab J- Outreach Programs and Resource Evaluations

Tab K- Teachers Character Education E-Newsletters

Tab L- Air Quality Program Webtrends Report

Tab M- Enviromental Benchmarks Report


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