Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Broward County Hybrid CarTransportation accounts for approximately two thirds of all U.S. petroleum use and is responsible for more than one quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions which have been linked to global warming. In Southeast Florida, the primary pollutant of concern is ozone. Motor vehicles account for nearly 50% of all air pollution in South Florida, therefore we need to protect our future air quality by not only making more responsible transportation choices for clean air, but also thinking forward to the future and utilizing alternative fueled vehicles. Broward County works with the Florida Gold Coast Clean Cities Coalition in promoting the use of alternative fueled vehicles in Broward County.

Broward County vehicle fueling up with CNG What is an alternative fuel and why should we use them?

Alternative fuels are clean fuels that are alternatives to gasoline and diesel, and create less air pollution. Alternative fuels such as methanol, ethanol, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, and electricity produce fewer tail pipe emissions than conventional gasoline and diesel fuel. Alternative fuels have a number of inherent properties that make them cleaner than conventional gasoline. In general, these fuels emit fewer hydrocarbons, so they are producing less smog. Emissions from electricity, natural gas, or alcohol-powered vehicles can be as much as 90 percent lower in ozone-forming hydrocarbons than emissions from vehicles fueled with conventional gasoline.

The six main alternative fuels are methanol (a.k.a. wood alcohol), ethanol (a.k.a. grain alcohol), compressed natural gas (CNG), liquified petroleum gas (LPG), electricity and hydrogen. The use of alternative fueled vehicles not only decreases our dependence on foreign oil sources, but also provides numerous environmental benefits. Most notable of these environmental benefits is the reduced release of carbon monoxide(CO) and hydrocarbon emissions.


 A Guide to Clean Fuels and Fuel Economy  Una Guia para Combustibles Limpios y Ahorre de Combustible
 Alternative Fuels-English (PDF)  Alternative Fuels- Spanish (PDF)



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