State of Florida Air Pollution Permits

The Pollution Prevention Division (PPD) is authorized by the State of Florida to review and act upon State and Federal air permit applications for facilities in Broward County.  Therefore, sources may submit state permit applications, fees and inquires directly to PPD. Sources may be required to obtain Air Quality program authorization, by individual state air permit or by air general permit in order to conduct certain activities involving sources of air pollution. 

State of Florida air permits are different than a Broward County Air License in that state air permits contain very specific conditions to control air pollution and to comply with air quality regulations in the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). A state air permit is bound by regulations of the F.A.C. and the CFR.  State air pollution permits are more complex than Broward County air licenses and require more compliance demonstration, testing, monitoring, procedures and other requirements not necessarily contained in a Broward County air license.State Permitted Facility

Certain specific types of operation require a State Air General Permit based on the type of operation.  By submitting an air general permit registration form a facility is eligible to operate under the conditions stated in such form.  Other air pollutant emitting facilities which do not qualify for a Broward County Air License or a State of Florida Air General Permit shall submit a State of Florida Air Construction or Operation Permit application in order to be in compliance with state and/or federal air regulations.  

Please see below a listing of all State of Florida air permits.  Should you have any questions, please contact PPD at (954) 519-1260 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Exemption from Florida Air Permitting Requirements

Some activities that are sources of air pollution may be exempt from a State of Florida air permit.  However, sources that are exempt from a Florida air construction permit, air operation permit, or air general permit may still require a Broward County Air License.  To review the exemption criteria, please contact PPD at (954) 519-1260.

Based on the number of facilities that engage in painting/surface coating activities such as auto body shops, PPD has developed a form to help determine the need for an air permit for these facilities.  In order to evaluate whether your facility is exempt from a surface coating air permit or a surface coating activity, please contact PPD at (954) 519-1260.

State Air Permit Applications and Forms 

Non-Title V and Title V Sources

For Non-Title V sources or air pollution, a Non-Title V Air Permit Application form may be submitted if you are applying for an air construction permit, initial, revised or renewal air operation permit, including Federally Enforceable State Air Operation Permits (FESOPs). If the source has multiple emission units, the applicant should use the long form application which contains separate emissions unit information sections for each unit subject to air regulations.  You will find the links to the State Air Permit Applications below: 

• State Non-Title V Air Permit Application Form (DEP Form No. 62-210.900(1) or Form No. 62-210.900(3))
• Air General Permit Registration Forms
• State Transfer of Air Permit Form

For Title V sources or air pollution, an Application for Air Permit – Long Form is required to be submitted.  Title V permits are for sources of air pollution regulated by Title V of the Clean Air Act.  Due to the complexity of the Title V program, permitting process and fees, we have provided the following links to the Florida DEP website for more information.  However, you should you have additional questions regarding the Title V permit process, please contact PPD at (954) 519-1260.Title V Permitted Facility

• Application for Air Permit – Long Form (DEP Form No. 62-210.900(1))
• Title V Annual Emissions Fee On-Line Information Center
• Title V Program Forms
• Title V Operating Permits Additional Information

Both Title V and Non-Title sources of air pollution can submit an air permit application electronically by using the FDEP’s, Electronic Permit Submittal and Processing System (EPSAP).  For more information about using this system and for submitting your application electronically please visit:

State Air Permit Fees

With the exception of State Air General Permits, all other permit fees should be made payable to: Broward County Board of Commissioners and be submitted to PPD.  Fees should accompany the application form.  You may also pay with a credit card by submitting a Credit Card Authorization form with your application. Please call the Air Quality Program if you have questions regarding fees for a State of Florida air permit application.

PPD Mailing Address:

With the exception of Air General Permit Registration Forms, all forms, applications and general inquires can be submitted to:

Pollution Prevention Division
Attn: Air Quality Program
1 North University Drive, Suite 203
Plantation, FL 33324