2007 Case Studies

The Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department recognized several local businesses for their outstanding environmentally-responsible business practices. Each business received an Emerald Award trophy for their exceptional efforts in protecting the environment.

The Broward County Board of County Commissioners presented trophies to the winners at a special ceremony; followed by a brief reception:

Tuesday, April 29, 2 p.m.
Broward County Governmental Center
Broward County Commission Chambers, Room 422
115 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

To learn more about what the trophy winners accomplished, view their case studies below, or for a downloadable pdf, go to the media kit page.

Category: Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction
City of Tamarac Water Treament Plant
City of Tamarac logo

Vice Mayor Stacy Ritter presents the Emerald Award Trophy to City of Tamarac repres

From left: Vice Mayor Stacy Ritter presents the Emerald Award Trophy to City of Tamarac representatives: Fran Oney, Laboratory Manager, Raymond Gagnon, Director of Utilities, Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco, Patte Atkins-Grad, Commissioner, Jeffrey Miller, City Manager

For more information contact:

Fran Oney, Lab Manager
City of Tamarac Utilities Dept.
7803 NW 61 Street
Tamarac, FL 33021
Email: frano@tamarac.org

Web Site: www.tamarac.org

Business Size: Small
Nature of Business: Municipal Water Treatment Plant

The City of Tamarac is 12 square miles strategically located in the center of Broward County. The approximate population of the City is 60,000. The City of Tamarac constantly strives to meet the needs and improve the health, welfare, and safety of its residents. Tamarac prides itself on being a government that is responsive to its residents.

Switched the water treatment plant method of disinfection from chlorine gas to hypochlorite.  The City of Tamarac Water Treatment Plant switched the water treatment plant method of disinfection from chlorine gas to hypochlorite. This removed the threat of a leak of poisonous chlorine gas from a residential neighborhood and made it a safer workplace.

The City of Tamarac's environmental accomplishments:

  • Only city in Broward County with a wellfield protection ordinance
  • Monitored irrigation accounts, review largest users and investigate potential leaks
  • Offered residents an ultra low flow toilet rebate up to $100
  • Charged an 18% surcharge to customers during drought emergency to encourage conservation
  • Installed 19 waterless urinals in city facilities
  • Offered rain shut off devices, low flow showerheads and aerators to residents
  • Participated in county Mobile Irrigation Lab to promote water conservation
  • The City encourages restaurants to serve water by request only.
  • Created outreach documents on water conservation


photo of The City of Tamarac Water Treatment Plant wellhead. The City of Tamarac Water Treatment Plant removed hazardous materials not in active use from the site, protecting the wellheads.

Category: Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction
Broward Health - Community Health Services and Practices

Broward Health logo

Broward Health representatives by Broward County Commissioner John E. Rodstrom, The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to Broward Health representatives by Broward County Commissioner John E. Rodstrom, Jr. from left: Pat O'Rourke, Brian Ulery, John E Rodstrom, Jr., Broward County Commissioner, District 7, Broward Health Commissioner Gordon, Jasmin Shirley, Frank Nask.

For more information contact:
Patricia O'Rourke, Corporate Safety Coordinator
Broward Health
Corporate Headquarters
303 SE 17 Street
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
Email: porourke@browardhealth.org
Web Site: www.browardhealth.org

photo of The Seventh Avenue Family Health Center The Seventh Avenue Family Health Center is one of 21 Community Health Clinics that changed their practices to prevent pollution.

Business Size: Small
Nature of Business: The Community Health Services Division of Broward Health includes services in urgent care, prenatal, pediatric, HIV/AIDS care and research, disease state management, primary adult care, pharmacy, dental, home health, hospice, school, and community health, Healthy Start programs, and care outreach for the homeless. They have served over 338,000 members of the community in 2007 in patient visits, medical encounters, and hospice patient care days. The Practices division, also involved in pollution prevention, consists of over 30 employed physicians serving our community.

Photo of computerized scanner which reads digital x-rays.  The switch to digital reduced photo developing waste by 25% This computerized scanner reads digital x-rays. The switch to digital reduced photo developing waste by 25%

Broward Health's environmental accomplishments:

  • Recycled, redistributed, sold, or donated 13,207 pounds of surplus materials such as hardware, furniture, computers, and medical equipment in 2006.
  • Shredded and recycled 62,000 pounds per year of confidential paper.
  • Recycled 62,352 pounds per year of paper and cardboard.
  • Reduced red bag waste by 19% in 2007
  • Collected, crushed and recycled 1,700 pounds of mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs in 2007
  • Eliminated three photo-developing chemicals and replaced with digital x-rays.
  • Earned H2E (Hospitals for a Healthy Environment) Partner Recognition for environmental purchasing practices.
  • Eliminated mercury in patient thermometers, BP cuffs, and lab refrigerators.
  • Utilized integrated pest management to reduce pesticide use.
  • Eliminated gluteraldehyde use, replaced with less toxic Cidex OPA.
  • Eliminated formalin specimen containers, replaced with less toxic methyl alcohol preservatives.
Category: Recycling
JM Family Enterprises,Inc.

Jm Family Enterprises logo 

Commissioner Ken Keechl The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to JM Family Enterprises, Inc representatives by Broward County Commissioner Ken Keechl from left: Cristina Abboud, Environmental Coordinator, Caren Snead Williams, Vice President and Chief Division Counsel, Commissioner Keechl and Janet Simoneaux, Director of Environmental Affairs.

For more information contact:
Janet Simoneaux, Director Environmental Affairs
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
111 Jim Moran Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Web Site: www.jmfamily.com

Email: ThinkGreen@jmfamily.com

Business Size: Large
Nature of Business: JM Family Enterprises, Inc. (JMFE) is a $12.2 billion diversified automotive corporation headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Fla. (Broward County) whose principal business focuses on vehicle distribution and processing, finance and warranty services, insurance activities, retail sales, and technology products and services. JMFE is ranked by Forbes as the 22nd largest privately owned company in the U.S. and is currently ranked No. 23 by FORTUNE® as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America, its 10th consecutive year on the list.
JM Family Enterprises' environmental accomplishments:

photo of JM Family Enterprises, Inc campus in Deerfield Beach JM Family Enterprises, Inc. headquarters in Deerfield Beach improved the existing corporate recycling program by expanding to recycle glass, plastic and aluminum campus-wide.

JMFE's Deerfield Beach campus recycled the following materials in 2007:

  • Solid Waste
    • 77.45 tons of office paper
    • 49.8 tons of shredded paper
    • 639.6 tons of cardboard
    • 13.7 tons of commingled aluminum, plastic and glass
    • 2,600 tons of construction & demolition debris
  • Universal Waste
    • 16 pounds of batteries (Lithium, Nickel-cadmium and NiMH)
    • 48 pounds of alkaline batteries
    • 1,650 fluorescent bulbs
  • E-Waste
    • 1904 units of toner, docking stations, modems, fax machines, laptops, computers, etc.
Photo of large recycling bins which accepts glass, aluminum, and plastic Photo of smaller desktop recycle bins
This container, made from 30% recycled content, holds glass, aluminum, and plastic for recycling These smaller containers can fit on employees desks

JMFE conducted an Earth Day Celebration on April 19, 2007 hosting more than 25 environmental organizations and vendors who gave out educational literature to JMFE associates to learn how to be more environmentally responsible at home and at work. JMFE provided 13 raffles items (including several $250 gift certificates to Whole Foods Market, $50 gift certificates to Starbucks, Pizza Fusion, Ben and Jerry's, The Energy Store, and $25 BP gas cards) to associates to encourage participation. Associates who completed an environmental surveys were also eligible for four green iPod® Shuffles.

JMFE also celebrated America Recycles Day on November 15, 2007 by conducting a cell phone drive to benefit Women in Distress of Broward County - 300 phones were collected.

Category: Green Products/Practices
Covenant Village of Florida

Covenant Village of Florida logo

Florida representatives by Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberm The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to Covenant Village of Florida representatives by Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman from left: Fred Flanders, Resident Chairperson, Environmental Services Committee, Alva Sommers, Resident Council Chairperson, Judy Johnson, Executive Director, Eddy Hernandez, Director of Environmental Services, and Commissioner Lieberman.

Eddy Hernandez, Director of Facilities Management
9201 W. Broward Boulevard
Plantation, FL 33324
Email: EXHernandez@covenantretirement.org

Web Site: www.covenantretirement.org
Business Size: Large

Photo of Covenant Village campus Covenant Village's lushly landscaped 20-acre campus offers the benefits of continuing care retirement in a tropical setting.

Nature of Business: Retirement Community with 285 apartments in a variety of floor plans, there's a style for you. Select one, and then enjoy all that Covenant Village and South Florida have to offer.

Covenant Village's environmental achievements include:

  • Energy Conservation
    • Replaced incandescent light bulbs CFLs
    • Replaced old pool heaters to more efficient ones
    • Installed high efficiency lighting and insulation
  • Water Conservation
    • Residents formed landscaping committee to provide water conservation tips to all residents resulting in 10% savings
    • Conservation tips shared with residents over closed circuit television
    • As apartments are remodeled, existing showerheads and toilets are retrofitted. New toilets use 1.4 gallons of water per flush. New showerheads use 2.4 GPM.
    • Shut down irrigation system for water conservation
  • Recycling
    • Spent fluorescent light bulbs recycled
    • Residents discarded furniture, clothing, recycled on site in thrift store
    • On site food service utilizes cloth napkins which are washed and reused
  • Other
    • Used electric cars to transport residents on property
    • Used low VOC paint
    • Current construction required tree removal, many trees relocated on site


Photo of decorative light using CFL bulbs During renovations, bathrooms have low flow toilets and CFL bulbs installed that reduce wate and energy use.

Category: Green Products/Practices
Unique Cleaners Tailors

Unique Cleaners Tailors logo

Photo of EA trophy presentation by Vice Mayor Stacy Ritter to Dhiren and Jagdish Chauhan
From left: Vice Mayor Stacy Ritter presents the Emerald Award Trophy to Unique Cleaners Tailors representatives: Dhiren and Jagdish Chauhan (owner)

For more information contact:
Jack Chauhan, Owner
Unique Cleaner and Tailors
9128 Wiles Road
Coral Springs, FL 33067
Email: uniquecleaner@gmail.com

Business Size: Small
Nature of Business: Unique Cleaners and Tailors is a family owned dry cleaning facility that installed a state of the art machine that is the most environmentally friendly unit on the market.

Unique Cleaners Tailors' environmental achievements include:

  • This business cleans clothing without the traditionally used solvent, perchloroethylene, also known as perc. Perc has been responsible for groundwater contamination.
  • Unique Cleaners and Tailors use a cleaning product known as DF-2000TM, which is a major advance in hydrocarbon dry cleaning.
  • Multiple, independently functioning EcoFilters and large-capacity carbon cartridge filters assure optimum filtration of both large and small particles.
  • Newly designed, oversized Turbo2 TM Fan and refrigeration unit saves energy and reduces operating costs.
  • DF-2000 fluid can be used with many sensitive fabrics, is reliable and cost effective
  • All garments cleaned on site.
Photo of front view of new dry cleaning equipment Photo of back view of new dry cleaning equipment
Unique Cleaners Tailors purchased new dry cleaning equipment with large-capacity carbon cartridge filters to assure optimum filtration of large and small particles. The back view of the same equipment. The Turbo2 TM fan and refrigeration unit saves energy and reduces operating costs.

Category: Innovative Procedures/Process Improvement
Cyclone Technologies, Inc.

Cyclone Power Technologies logo 

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. representatives by Broward County Commissioner Kristin The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. representatives by Broward County Commissioner Kristin D. Jacobs from left: Frankie Fruge, Chief Operating Officer, Harry Schoell, President and CEO, and Commissioner Jacobs.

For more information contact:
Wilson McQueen, VP Marketing
Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc.
601 NE 26 Court
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Web Site: www.cyclonepower.com
Email: Wilson@cyclonepower.com
Business Size: Small

Nature of Business: Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. is a research and development company with more than 68 patents, including patents for the development of the Green Revolution Engine and the Waste Heat Engine.

Photo of Cyclone Engine on a large truck bed The Cyclone Engine in particular is highly scalable and sufficiently powerful for applications ranging from lawn equipment and small home generators, large stand-alone generators, to cars, trucks, buses, RV's, boats and ships, as well as earth moving equipment and locomotives.

Cyclone Technologies' environmental achievements include:

  • Cyclone holds the U.S. patent, international patent applications, and exclusive commercial rights to the Cyclone Engine "Green Revolution EngineTM" an environmentally-friendly and highly-efficient external combustion, heat-regenerative engine.
  • The Cyclone engine regenerates (or recycles) its heat, which allows it to run cleaner, cooler and more efficiently than traditional internal combustion engines. It is capable of running on any liquid or gaseous fuel, including ethanol, bio-diesel, and propane (same engine with no changes) and is lubricated with de-ionized water instead of motor oil.
  • The company also recently filed a patent application for its Waste Heat Engine, a low-pressure engine capable of running on heat emitted from external sources, including the waste exhaust of a another engine, bio-mass, or solar power.
  • Both these engines are lubricated with de-ionized water instead of motor oil, and by eliminating many subsystems like oil pumps, radiators, catalytic converters and fuel injectors, the Cyclone Engines are expected to cost less to manufacture, operate, and maintain.
Photo of a cyclone engine on a lawnmower, powered by a small propane canister

If just 10% of consumers of lawn mowers in Florida switched to a Cyclone Engine, our air could be spared 127,200 pounds of hydrocarbons, 1,200 pounds of nitrogen oxides and 3,360 pounds of particulates.

Cyclone is in late stage development for the 3 hp engine that will go into push lawn mowers, to be consumer ready by 2010.

Category: Innovative Procedures/Process Improvement
Pizza Fusion Restaurant

Pizza Fusion logo 

Photo of The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to Pizza Fusion by Commissioner Eggelletion

The Emerald Award Trophy is presented to Pizza Fusion representatives by Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, Jr. from left:Katy Livingston, Creative Director and Eric Haley, VP Communications.

For more information contact:
Eric Haley, VP of Communications
Pizza Fusion Holdings
6555 Powerline Road, Suite 101
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309
Web Site: www.pizzafusion.com

Email: info@pizzafusion.com

Business Size: Large
Nature of Business: Pizza Fusion leads a new niche market by serving an eclectic organic menu with an earth-friendly approach via delivery, takeout or dine-in in a unique LEED certified, fast casual environment. Their food is served in the purest form - untainted by artificial additives, such as sweeteners, pesticides, preservatives, and hormones. They are committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment in all their operations.

Photo of heat exchanger on oven that replaces hot water heater Heat exchanger on oven replaces hot water heater
Photo of hybrid car that Pizza Fusion uses to deliver pizza Pizzas will be delivered by electric scooters in Atlanta and are delivered by Hybrid Toyota Prius in Ft Lauderdale.

Pizza Fusion's environmental achievements include:

  • Store in Weston, Florida is LEED certified pending
  • Concrete floors stained with soy sealer, no VOCs
  • Decorate stores with reused materials such as reclaimed slate shingles
  • Use Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) wood for furniture and shelving
  • Soy based stain used on wood
  • Wooden tables in this store obtained from reclaimed torn down barns
  • Use bamboo veneers (renewable resource) on counters
  • Drywall is 94% post consumer
  • Use low-flow faucet aerators that cut water usage of faucets by as much as 40% from 4 gallons per minute to 2½
Photo of celing tile made from recycled composite board.  Also shows ceiling insultation made of recycled blue jeans.

Ceiling tiles made of recycled composite board

Ceiling grids made from 74% recycled aluminum cans and 24% post industrial metals

Ceiling insulation made of recycled blue jeans

  • All lights use compact fluorescent lights (energy savings)
  • Give 25 cent rebate to customers who recycle pizza boxes
  • Use sugar cane pulp plates which are both renewable resources and biodegrade in landfills
  • Use spudware forks and knives that are made entirely from potatoes and are biodegradable
  • Serve food in plastic like containers made from corn starch that are biodegradable
  • Give 20% discount to customers who drive hybrids
  • Offset energy use with purchase of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates
  • Counter tops are cradle-to-cradle reuse from glass bottles which are reused and mixed in counters
Photo of an advertising banner made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and soy inks Advertising banners are made of 100%recycled plastic bottles and soy inks
  • Painted the restaurant with eco-friendly paints from Green Planet Paints
  • Provide their employees with organic cotton uniforms that are printed using non-VOC inks
  • Use a smart lighting system in their bathrooms that shuts off automatically when vacant to conserve.
  • Use a sink in the bathroom made entirely from bamboo
  • Use a soy based wood stain on their wood in their stores
  • Use only Energy Star Certified kitchen appliances that reduce electricity consumption
  • Support environmentally sustainable agriculture by serving a more than 75% organic menu
  • Host a Fusion Kids class every third Saturday of the month that educated children on the importance of eating organic
  • Using drywall in their build-out that is 95% post-consumer content and locally manufactured
  • Using the most efficient HVAC unit on the market
  • Using 30% recaptured industrial concrete for their floors
  • Using pizza peels, plateware and cutting boards made entirely from bamboo
  • Using only 100% recycled post consumer paper for all their menus and collateral; printed with non-VOC inks
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaners to sanitize the store
Photo of a dual flush toilet

Use a dual flush, low-flow toilet in the bathroom

Use 100% post consumer paper towels and toilet paper throughout the restaurant