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Attract new customers, reinforce repeat customers, and boost employee morale.  The Emerald Award helps you communicate your commitment to protecting the environment.

The Emerald Award Program is designed to recognize businesses, government, individuals, or organizations in Broward County demonstrating a commitment to protecting and preserving our environment. More....

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Broward County has implemented a variety of actions in an effort to reduce energy consumption and move toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing the County’s carbon footprint.

Broward County's Green Business provides resources to encourage and educate local businesses to do the same. Here you will find actions businesses can take to go green and be more energy efficient. By implementing policies and strategies in everyday business, individuals are able to save money while also helping save the environment. Through improved energy efficiency, reduced consumption, increased recycling and changes in transportation behaviors, individuals will learn how simple actions, taken together, can create a climate of change.

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