Hazardous Materials

Broward County Pollution Prevention Division - Licensing Section regulates the use, storage, handling and disposal of Hazardous Materials. If your business/operation uses, stores or handles twenty five (25) gallons or more of hazardous materials, you need a Hazardous Materials License

In an effort to support green County Initiatives and reduce the use of paper, the Pollution Prevention Division offers now
 on-line hazardous materials license and transfer applications. Please use our E-Permits site to apply for a hazardous materials license.

*If your operation handles 25 gallons or more of hazardous materials including Aboveground Storage Tanks of less than 550 gallons in size apply for a Hazardous Materials License.

*If your operation handles hazardous materials in underground tanks of 110 gallons and aboveground tanks larger that 550 gallons apply for a Storage Tank License.

*When you modify a Storage Tank or its parts apply for a Tank Modification.

Any facility inside a Wellfield Zone requires a Hazardous Materials Wellfield License. For further information please contact the Pollution Prevention Division Wellfield Section at: 954.519.1406

Learn more about the provisions of the Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 27, Pollution Control:
Article X.- Storage Tanks
Article XII.- Hazardous Material 
Article XIII.- Wellfield Protection


  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection encourages businesses and residents to safely secure Hazardous Materials before a Hurricane. Take steps to protect the environment in severe weather. Learn more.